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3 Benefits of Being a Surrogate Every Woman Should Know

Posted on November 21, 2016

3 Benefits of Being a Surrogate Every Woman Should Know

There are many great reasons for becoming a surrogate mother.  One of the most prevalent reasons is that you are able to “give the gift of life” and offer an intended parent the opportunity to fulfill their dream of parenthood.  Becoming a surrogate is a gigantic step to take and requires an exceptional mentality.

Surrogate Mother Benefits:

  1. Personal Satisfaction –   The satisfaction experienced from giving someone the gift-of-life can be a very fulfilling experience, especially if you have a desire to help others or to contribute to society.  As a surrogate mother, you are essentially creating a miracle, and giving joy and love to a deserving couple.
  2. Financial Compensation – All of the expenses directly related to your pregnancy will be covered and you will receive financial compensation for the actual surrogacy.  You will also receive a monthly allowance for miscellaneous costs including local travel expenses, over-the-counter medications, and other incidental reasonable expenses including childcare for appointments. Many women who become surrogates use their financial compensation for major purchases such as a down payment on a home, a car, to go on a vacation they’ve always dreamed of, or even to pay for their own children’s college.  For more details on actual financial compensation offered by Creative Love, visit our surrogate compensation page.
  3. Maternity Insurance Coverage – As a surrogate you will receive an insurance policy that will cover the expenses related to the pregnancy. This is a full medical/maternity policy.  Pregnancy check-ups and delivery will be covered by the medical insurance provided by the intended parents or with your own insurance policy.  At Creative Love, our staff includes an insurance coverage specialist that can help you and the intended parent review your existing policy in terms of coverage; and, where necessary, help you obtain a new insurance policy that will provide all the benefits needed during your surrogacy.  If psychological support is needed, that will also be covered.  Also, a life insurance policy will be put into place at the confirmation of a heartbeat.

Although there is a lot of responsibility and sacrifice involved with becoming a surrogate, the emotional rewards are extraordinary and there are many benefits including personal satisfaction, financial compensation, health care and the opportunity to connect with a new family.

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