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Are You Considering Egg Donation? What The Process Involves

Posted on April 21, 2015

Are You Considering Egg Donation - What The Process Involves

Throughout the majority of their lifetimes, most men will produce new sperm every day. Unfortunately, women are born with a finite number of immature eggs in their ovaries. Numbering somewhere between one and two million, these egg follicles begin to die from virtually the moment of a women’s birth. The process of this death, know as atresia, includes the loss of immature eggs (around 1,000 at a time) at every menstruation, finally ending with menopause. In conjunction with the fact that only a single egg matures during each cycle to have even a chance for ovulation, most women will produce only around 400 viable eggs in the course of her life.

For some women, the number is even lower than this. Additionally, every women’s body responds differently as she ages. Some women who try to become pregnant relatively early (in their late twenties or early thirties) could face difficulties because they waited too long for their individual body. This means that even for women who believe they’re still attempting conception within a window of fertility (somewhere in their mid or even late thirties), it may be too late for them to become pregnant. Especially for a women who waited, until conditions were optimal for childbirth – finding the right partner, becoming financially stable, establishing a successful career, or simply feeling emotionally mature enough for parenthood – this news can be devastating.

One beautiful, much-appreciated gift to bestow upon a women in this situation is that of egg donation. Similar in some ways to sperm donation, a donor offers hers eggs for compensation to another individual so that they can be used to create an embryo (or multiple embryos) that the recipient will hopefully go on to carry and deliver a child of their own.  Egg donors are selected through a password protected egg donor database created by Creative Love by intended parents, at which time the possibility of a successful match is determined. Anyone of our egg donor coordinators is always available to assist you best when seeking out your ideal egg donor. Once an match has been made Creative Love will send the selected donor for her AMH test if this test had not been completed. The AMH test will give you a window into knowing if your selected donor will meet your clinic guidelines and will give the better possible chance at success. After this test your egg donor will follow routine testing, a complete medical examination and history, and a psychological evaluation. Finally legal contracts.  Once these steps are completed, the donation cycle begins. the process typically takes anywhere from three to six weeks, is relatively easy, and is a minimally invasive process.

The donor and the recipient’s menstrual cycles are synchronized through the use of birth control, after which the egg donor starts to take follicle- stimulating hormones to increase the number of eggs reaching maturity, the intended mother starts to take estrogen to grow her lining in order for the embryo to attach to the uterine lining and progesterone to support the pregnancy. The donor will go through an outpatient procedure to have the egg follicles retrieved. The procedure is preformed under sedation, usually lasting about 20 minutes. Using a small, ultrasound-guided needle, eggs are retrieved from the donor’s ovaries through the vagina, to be later implanted as embryos into the recipient’s uterus. Recovery is very quick for this procedure for the donor, with most donor patients leaving the minor surgery within an hour and generally returning to normal activities within 24 hours.

For a family who has always wanted a child, for a couple that wants at least a partial biological tie to their baby, or for a women who wants to experience pregnancy and childbirth in tandem with the experience of motherhood, egg donation is an incredible, inspiring gift and is one that any women should be proud to accept. I have been a part of many egg donation cycle and have never worked with an intended parent(s) that ever regretted their journey.

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