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Become a Surrogate Mother in Jacksonville Florida

Posted on November 21, 2016

Lift Bridge over the St John River Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville mothers are special.  That’s because being a mother is probably the highest calling a woman can have.  Yes, a woman can be an artist.  Yes, a woman can be a banker.  Yes, a woman can be president.  But those are all positions we’ve created to organize our activities. Being a mother is natural.

And there is nothing more natural than being a mother.

So when some people cannot conceive, for whatever reason, it can be very frustrating. A surrogate mother brings hope and relief to intending parents who want a child but cannot create one on their own.

If you are a mother in Jacksonville, you could become a surrogate mother in Jacksonville. There are a number of requirements to become a surrogate mother, and being a mother is one of them. We don’t take first-time mothers.  We also don’t take mothers who have had a bad experience with pregnancy.  To become a surrogate mother, we insist on woman who have had only good experiences with pregnancy.

There are other requirements, as well.  For instance, your health is very important.  You will be asked to undergo a number of physical exams, as well as a psychological assessment.  Intending parents want to know that their baby is gestated in a sound body with a sound mind.

Smoking? We insist that you have been smoke-free for at least two years.

Alcohol? You’ll have to abstain from when you start the process.

Want some good news? If you are healthy enough to be accepted as a surrogate mother, you have the best of medical attention for the duration of the process, and it will all be covered by the contract you sign with the intending parents.

There are other requirements, of course. These include:

Financial stability. If you are on government assistance, you won’t qualify.

Support at home. If you spouse isn’t on board, we won’t be, either.

State of residence. If your legal residence is in a state that is not surrogate friendly, we won’t accept you as a surrogate.  Sorry, but we are respectful of the law, if for no other reason to keep you out of trouble.

Our role is simple.  We are the coordinators.  We vet the mothers, and we vet the intending parents.  We ensure there is a good fit, a good match.

Then we help you stay on track, so that you know what to do next and don’t miss a step. There are a lot of steps to take – medications, exams, forms – and we’ll guide you through the process.

We will put you in touch with all the specialists and offices you’ll need to call on, be they medical or government or legal.  We know whom to call and where to go in Jacksonville and across Florida, so we can send you to the right places.  Again, it’s important not to miss a step.

If you want to become a surrogate mother in Jacksonville, give us a call.  We can determine if you qualify and help you decide if this is truly the path you want to take.

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