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Benefits that will inspire you to be a surrogate mother

Posted on November 21, 2016

Benefits that will inspire you to be a surrogate mother

It’s worth spending some time reading the stories that surrogate mothers tell.  Even better, it’s worth joining in the discussions on any online surrogate discussion forum. You’ll get a great sense of what it is like to be a surrogate mother.

And what it’s like is great!

The stories you will read, and the discussions you will enter into, will in spire you to be a surrogate mother, too.  There are just so many benefits, and their stories will touch your soul.

There are few things more fulfilling for a woman than pregnancy.

Women were meant to give birth.  Women were meant to give life.  It’s no wonder we refer to Mother Earth and Mother Nature. Giving new life is the one amazing thing we can do for this world that no man can.  What joy to create a new life, a new human being!

Here is another fundamental benefit that will inspire you to be a surrogate mother.  It is the joy you will bring to a frustrated couple who has been trying to conceive for months or even years. If you have never tried to get pregnant and failed repeatedly, you will never know firsthand the most frustrating experience a woman can feel.  And not just a woman, but her partner as well.

A surrogate mother makes babies, yes.  But a surrogate mother also makes families.

When you think of how many “accidental” families there are, where young mothers did not really want the role, how wonderful to do the opposite – to help intending mothers who can’t get pregnant but really want to.  You know the child that you nurture in your womb will have the full love and affection from the parents.

In addition to creating a new family, you have the opportunity to do something that will really bond your family – your partner and your young child or children. You can do this by having another child of your own, but you might have as many children as you already want.  You might not want the responsibility of raising another child.  You might not want to bear the financial costs of raising another child.  You might not want the complications and the life-long commitment for yet another child.

A surrogate gets to give life, to experience the joy of pregnancy, without the life-long commitment involved in giving birth to one’s own child.

And that is the really big factor in this inspiring story.  Your surrogacy is a short term commitment, but the benefits of what you do are long term. They last a lifetime, quite literally.

To make it even sweeter, and this occasionally will sway one’s partner, you do get paid for your efforts. Surrogacy won’t get you rich, but an extra $20,000 – $35,000 to create a lifetime of happiness for a whole family is certainly an added bonus.

A surrogate mother is an inspiring figure.  If you want to inspire others, to make families whole and to bring new life into this world, why not consider surrogacy?

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