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Can You Beat the Fertility Clock

Posted on June 21, 2016


In today’s world women are focused on climbing the corporate ladder and they aren’t planning their families, many are unaware that managing their “biological clock” plays a critical role in successfully starting a family. Women may not think about their fertility until they are ready to conceive, usually at some point in their early thirties. As a women you may be surprised to learn that your fertility peaks in her mid-twenties, starts to decline at about age 27 and drop dramatically after age 35. For men, fertility begins to decline as early as age 35, but the decline is much less steep than it is for the women. Once a man hits 50 he may experience a decline in his sperm quality and a decline in testosterone levels as well. Yes, this also can mean a decreasing libido.

Every women is born with a lifetime supply of eggs. Typically we are born with approximately 1 million eggs. By the time we hit puberty we have 300,000 eggs left. During this time the quantity and quality of the eggs decreases as well. When your egg quality decreases this makes conceiving that much harder. For a women under the age of 30 it’s estimated that the chances of conceiving in any one cycle is 20-30 percent. By the time your 40, it dwindles to approximately 5 percent.

There are many steps that you can take to help you to beat the fertility clock and protect your future fertility. Yes, you can better plan for a family in the future. Lifestyle choices certainly can affect you future fertility. Even heredity issues can impact both men and women in their desire to conceive a child. Definitely the longer you wait to conceive a child the more difficult it will be for you. Take the time to educate yourself about your fertility. Consult with your gynecologist about ways to beat your fertility clock.

Way to Enhance your Fertility 

Talk with your doctor

Know your cycle

Monitor Ovulation

Eliminate birth control

Practice makes perfect!

Healthy habits can make a difference 

Exercise moderately

Stop Smoking

Stop drinking alcohol

Avoid weight gain

Most importantly decrease stress!

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