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Do I Need A Sperm Donor Agreement?

Posted on December 21, 2013

I’m Thinking Of Using My Friend As My Sperm Donor. Do I Need A Sperm Donor Agreement?

What a wonderful and kind act your friend is doing for you. However, sometimes you have to step back and make sure that you and your friend have a full understanding between each party that what your friend is doing is just that, “a kind act”. Regardless of how everyone involved views your friends generosity to step forward and offer his sperm to you a legal contract should always be in place. This is absolutely necessary and worth the time and money to retain an attorney that is experienced in the area of reproductive technology law and have a legally binding contract drafted and reviewed by separate legal counsel.

People sometime can get caught up in the emotions of helping. At the same time you risk your friend changing his mind once the birth of the baby. What if he wants to seek parental rights, visitation? What if you in turn attempt to seek child support? This is why the legal contract is so important to execute. The legal contract will reflect and resolve these issues and many more. Without a legal contract any dispute that could possible arise would be battled out in court with each party saying, “he said, she said” resulting in a long and costly court battle. Now you see why it everyone’s best interest to have the legal contract in place before moving forward.

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