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Ever wonder what your child’s blood type will be?

Posted on November 21, 2013

Have you ever wondered what your child’s blood type would be when turning to egg donation? If you have chosen never to disclose to anyone that you have turned to egg donation then you should look at working with an egg donor with the same blood type as your significant other. If your child has your same blood type this will allow you to donate blood to your child should the need arise.

Blood type in an offspring is determined by the parents blood type. There are three alleles of the blood type gene: A, B and O. Everyone has two copies of these genes, one from each parent, there are six possible combinations, AA, BB, OO, AB and BO. These correlate to the four types of blood in the ABO system: A, B, AB, and O – AA and AO translate to blood type A. BB and BO translate to blood type B.

The RH factor is another factor in blood typing. The Rehesus factor is shown either = or – . Everybody has two copies of these genes, one from each parent, there are 3 possible combinations, ++, +-, or – . The + is dominant so those with + alleles are viewed as having Rh+ factor. Rh+ blood type is more common than Rh-. Almost 85% of Caucasians are Rh+. The percentage of Asians ans African Americans is even higher. The only way to guarantee a child will be born with a – blood type is if both parents are blood type -. If one parent is + it is difficult to know if they are ++ or +-. Children born of two + parents can be born with wither positive Rh factor or a negative Rh factor.

If the couple’s blood types are:
The donor’s type should be:
O and O
O and A
O or A
O and B
O or B
A and A
O or A
B and B
O or B
A and B
O, A, or B
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