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Finding a surrogate in Florida Today

Posted on December 5, 2016

looking for a surrogate mother

If you are looking for a surrogate mother in Florida today, it isn’t that hard.  There are agencies set up to vet potential surrogates. Some of them, such as Creative Love Egg Donor and Surrogate Agency, do a very thorough job of vetting women who want to become surrogates.

If you want to find a surrogate in Florida today, here is what we have done to make sure that your gestational carrier is the best possible match for you.

First, we make sure the surrogate is from a surrogate friendly state.  We don’t want you to have to deal with legal complications.  This is usually not even an issue, as we deal mostly with Florida residents.

  • Second, we make sure that the surrogate is experienced, and only in a good way.  Here are the criteria we have established:
  • She must have been pregnant before.
  • All previous pregnancies must have been successful full term pregnancies, delivering fully healthy children.
  • She must have enjoyed all previous pregnancies.
  • She must be raising at least one child of her own.
  • She must not have had more than two c-sections in previous pregnancies.
  • She must not have been pregnant more than four times before.  She can be a gestational carrier on her fifth pregnancy, but not on her sixth; we draw the line there.

Third, we require that all surrogates we work with be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.  Again, we want to protect you from possible legal complications and claims, or from having your surrogate facing deportation during the process.

Fourth, we make sure that all surrogates we work with are in excellent physical form. For instance, we require medical records for the past seven years, so that we can review the full state of their health. We require them to undergo a complete medical exam, as well.

We also require a letter from the surrogate’s obstetrician or gynecologist clearing her to become a surrogate.

We won’t accept any woman with a BMI over 32. It is important that the woman gestating your child have a reasonable height to weight ratio.

Fifth, we make sure that all the woman we sign up are financially secure. We won’t take on a surrogate mother on government assistance.  This is for several reasons.  If a woman is motivated by financial desperation, she is likely not going to be as good a candidate.  She is also likely to have above average stress, and possibly push herself too far to keep earning money in various ways when she should be resting and taking care of the growing child within her.

We also do a psychological assessment of all surrogates we work with, as well as a criminal background check. We interview both her and her family, to make sure the whole team is on board and everything appears to be normal.  And we send a licensed social worker to pay her an in-home visit.

If you are wondering about finding a surrogate in Florida today, wonder no longer.  Pick up the phone now, because we’ve probably already found her for you.

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