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Florida Surrogate Info: Surrogate Mother Pros and Cons

Posted on November 21, 2016

Florida Surrogate Info Surrogate Mother Pros and Cons

Surrogate motherhood means different thing to different people. Some see it as a beacon of hope, the chance for an infertile couple to have children, to be parents. Surrogacy is a way that modern medicine comes to their rescue, overriding any anomalies that keep them from doing what nature meant them to do.

Others see surrogacy quite differently.  They see it as yet another attempt by mankind to interfere with nature, worrying that we are pushing boundaries too far. They figure that if some people were meant to be infertile, they were meant to be infertile.

Such are the pros and cons of surrogacy to our country. And the debate is unlikely to abate any time soon.

But what does surrogacy mean to you, as a woman? Should you put up your hand and volunteer? Should you become a surrogate mother?  Here, too, there are pros and cons.

The pros of becoming a surrogate mother

Surrogacy can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience. If you enjoyed your previous pregnancies, you will most likely enjoy surrogacy. You’ll feel the same glow. You’ll feel the same energy.

Another amazing pro of being a surrogate mother is that you get to help a frustrated couple. You get to help build a family. You get to make people whole.  This is an act of giving, and it sure feels good to give – especially when you are giving life.

There are some huge health-related pros of surrogacy, too. Additional pregnancies reduce your risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer.  Women who have been surrogate mothers have also benefited in longevity.  Yes, they live longer.  It appears that many surrogates have beneficial genes passed into them from the fetus.

And don’t forget that all your medical expenses are paid for.

Florida surrogates do get paid, although this is not meant to be a business proposition. Living expenses and out-of-pocket expenses are covered.  If you would have been a stay at home mom during that time, surrogacy is a nice financial bonus.

The cons of becoming a surrogate mother

On the other hand, surrogacy is not for everyone. For instance, if you did not enjoy a previous pregnancy, you probably won’t enjoy surrogacy. In fact, we won’t take you on as a surrogate mother if you did not enjoy all previous pregnancies.

Another con is if you worry about overriding nature.  Although you’ll be doing tremendous good, helping people in need, you won’t feel good about it if you worry that it’s wrong.

Florida surrogates are paid, but not enough to call it a windfall. If you have to take time off from a well-paying job, you might actually lose money.

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons of surrogacy in Florida. This is not the path for every woman, so you need to really know who you are and what you want.  If his is what you want, there are some very attractive pros.

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