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Gestational Carrier in Florida: Surrogacy Information

Posted on November 21, 2016

First comes the motivation, then comes the information.

Motivation to become a surrogate mother comes in many manners, but there are two that are most common:

Some women really like being pregnant.  They like the glow it gives them.  They like the feeling of fertility.  They like to feel the power of life surging through them. But they already have as many children as they want to raise, so surrogacy is the attractive option for them.

Some women really like the feeling of giving, of creating life, of helping new families form.  They like the feeling that they are contributing to society in a unique and intimate way. Surrogacy is the perfect vehicle to fulfill this sense of altruism.

But motivation is just the beginning.  It’s just the launch pad into surrogacy. The next step to becoming a gestational carrier in Florida is to get surrogacy information.  That information includes several factors:

The requirements to become a surrogate, which include such aspects as age and health condition, as well as certain requirements related to your previous experience with pregnancy.  Worth noting, you do not have to be a resident of Florida to qualify, but you do have to be a US citizen or a permanent resident of the United States.

The legal framework for gestational carriers in Florida and the contract you will have to sign.

The medical aspects of surrogacy, from making sure that your body is ready for the task, to the medications and hormones and nutrients you will be taking (such as Lupron and Vivelle Patches and Progesterone and Tetracycline, to name just a few).  There are also consultations and exams, and of course a post-delivery checkup. There is also a psychological evaluation to take.

The compensation for surrogate mothers, which in the State of Florida is typically from $20,000 to $35,000. There are also various expenses that are covered, including transportation and medical expenses.

The emotional aspects of being a gestational carrier, and this is where you’ll want the most information.  You will go through so many emotions, because pregnancy is a very intense experience.  You will be forming a special bond with the intended parents, so you will be sharing some of their emotions.  And you will develop a deeper relationship with your spouse and other family members living with you.

The surrogacy agency, which will be your first point of contact and your ongoing coordinator.  When we work with intended parents and surrogate mothers, our ongoing role is to make sure you know what to do next, whom to talk to and where to go.  So many specialists are involved, and there is so much to keep track of.  We make sure that no critical details are overlooked, and that the process unfolds smoothly.

Surrogate mothers tend to be very self-fulfilled people, because surrogacy is a very fulfilling experience. You hear the stories.  You feel the desire.  You have the motivation.  Now take the time to get the information you’ll need to become a gestational carrier in Florida.

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