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How to be a surrogate mother in Jacksonville Florida

Posted on November 6, 2016

Have you been wondering how to be a surrogate mother in Jacksonville, Florida? If so, we are here to help.

The first step is to decide if you really want to be a surrogate mother.  Many people decide on a whim that, “Hey. That’s something I’d like to do!”  And some really do.  But others think it over, weigh the pros and cons, and decide that surrogacy is not for them.

Take some time to think it over to make sure that you really want to be a surrogate mother.

The next step is to make sure that your partner also really wants you to be a surrogate mother. This is often a trickier thing to nail down. Partners are unlikely to feel that same call to motherhood that you feel. There are two motivations that usually work:

  1. Explain how very much it means to you.  Tell him about your motherly instinct, and explain how you empathise with women who can’t be mothers without you help. Tell him how important and fulfilling it will be to help them out.  Tell him that you need his unconditional love and his support.  It’s a hard pitch to refuse.
  2. If an emotional appeal doesn’t work, tell him about the cash. Surrogacy is not supposed to make you rich.  It’s not a “wombs for rent” proposition. But $25,000 or more can sure help with some of those home repairs he’s been meaning to get to.  Or it can make for a great start on your children’s college fund. So woo him with emotions and sell him with cash.

The key is that once the decision is made, he is really, truly behind you, not just grudgingly saying, “OK, go ahead and do it.” You will need his active support.

If you are sure and your partner is sure, pick up the phone.  We’ll be happy to help you determine if you qualify.

We are somewhat picky, because intending parents are somewhat picky.  They want a surrogate mother who is in tip top shape in both mind and body.  We want to work with a financially stable woman who can focus on the surrogacy. It is important to know that, while the money is a nice incentive, you are not motivated by financial desperation.

If you are accepted, we’ll help you get organized with all the paperwork you need, and all the tests and medical procedures that go along with surrogacy.  We know whom to go to in Jacksonville, Florida, and elsewhere in Florida, for each step of the way. We’ll help you stay on track so as not to miss a step.

It’s not that hard to be a surrogate mother in Jacksonville, Florida. After all, Florida is a surrogate friendly state. But you do have to decide that is really what you want to do, and you do have to follow the steps.

Happy surrogacy!

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