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How To Increase Your Chances Of Becoming An Egg Donor And Matching With Intended Parents

Posted on November 21, 2015

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We understand that our many wonderful egg donor candidates are often eager to be matched with a recipient as quickly as possible, not least of all because you’re ready to help a loving family grow. We understand – we’re ready too! But the truth is, this process can sometimes take time. We’ve seen donors matched with recipients in a matter of days after they’ve completed the application and screening process and posted a profile, and we’ve also seen it take longer than that (a few months or, occasionally, even up to a year). We believe there’s a donor out there for every family, but like finding a great partner, that perfect house, or an amazing job – the search takes time. Creative Love Egg Donor Agency has office in both South Florida and Orlando. However, we work with egg donors and recipients throughout the United State. We welcome all egg donors to our office. If you don’t live within 50 miles we would love to Skype with you. We feel it’s so important that your educated on the whole egg donation process. That you have a full understanding of the commitment and are comfortable working with us.

Below are a few tips for our egg donor candidates that might help you increase your chance of being matched more quickly.

1. Have a complete profile.

It’s hard to know what someone’s top priority will be after making the decision to seek an egg donor. Most often, it’s resemblance to the recipient or another prominent person in the recipient’s family.  Health, education, and intelligence also rank highly among sought-after traits. But really, ever family truly is different, and what they seek in a donor depends on their own interest and backgrounds. Some are looking for donors who already have kids of their own or who have experienced the egg-retrieval process more than once, some are looking for donors who came from a big families or who are musically gifted, some want donors who are athletics or love the outdoors, and once we even had a recipient’s partner tell us that he was adamant about their donor being a Marlins fan. (He promised later that he was joking, but we’re not so sure.) So, truly, filling out all the info in your profile and giving as complete a background of yourself as possible is significantly important in finding your perfect match.

2. Bring on the pictures.

We’re heartbroken that we’re heard so many people tell us, “Oh, I’m not pretty enough to be a donor.” We could write for hours about negative things this says about our culture and the way we talk about and assign standards of beauty. Instead, we’ll keep it simple: Seriously, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone wants something different in a donor, and that includes your physical attributes. As long as you are healthy enough to donate, we are looking for donors of all shape, sizes, color, and everything else. Creative Love Egg Donor Agency knows that we live in a diverse culture – and we want our donors to reflect that as well.

Because we can never know what the “ah-ha” trait will be for a recipient, your best chance of being matched often correlates with how many photos you post. We’ve found that recipients are wary of selecting a donor who has  provided just one or two pictures, no matter how great you might look in them. Recipients want to see photos of you from all stages of your life: As a chubby baby, as a freckled kid with missing teeth, and as an awkward teenager. Other tips for selecting photos: Include pictures taken at different times of the day; look for photos taken in natural light; if available, choose pictures in which you’re the single subject; and look for close-ups without background clutter (headshots are great if you have them, but they shouldn’t represent the entire body of the pictures you provide.)

Most important factor when selecting the photos for your profile. Never had any pictures where you or a friend are holding a glass of wine or a beer. Never have a picture that photographs with a red glare in your eyes. Remember being to sexy is won’t attracts intended parents. Be yourself, be real and most importantly just be natural.

3.Stay in touch with the agency.

It’s important that you keep your profile current. This builds the trust factor when a potential recipient is browsing candidates. Update your information if you’ve moved, changed jobs, or recently discovered new talents and hobbies. (Trust us: Your sudden penchant for pastry baking might not seem that important, but it’s something a recipient might want to know.) And if we contact you, get in touch with us as soon as possible – once parents have found a potential candidate, taking too long to follow up can really sour the experience for them.

4. Don’t register with multiple agencies.

We understand that this one probably sounds self-serving, but this suggestion is really intended to make things easier for both you and a recipients. Informal research indicated that recipients can be skeptical of donors they find listed on multiple agencies’ sites. It can sometimes make a donor’s motives appear disingenuous. More importantly, because we won’t have updated information about what’s going on regarding your donor status at another agency, if you’re in the middle of a retrieval elsewhere and a recipient from our agency selects you, you won’t be available for at least a few months. After exhaustive searching, this news can feel devastating to our recipients, and we would never want to put someone through that.

We can’t wait to hear from you and to help match you with the perfect family! Please contact us anytime with any questions that you might have before becoming an egg donor. We never consider any questions silly. We want to welcome you into out agency family

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