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Pros and Cons of Surrogacy Today in Florida

Posted on November 21, 2016


Everybody’s talking about surrogate motherhood. There is no question that there is controversy on this topic, with pros and cons on both sides.  From a societal view, those pros and cons have to do with whether surrogacy is a good thing in general.

On the one hand, supporters feel that this is the ultimate gift a woman can give.  The gift of life. The gift of hope.  The gift of family. Surrogacy is a good deed on progesterone.

We value family and we wish everybody the chance to become whole with children of their own.  When for whatever reason a couple can’t conceive, surrogacy is an option to make them complete.  It’s as wholesome as helping people who can’t walk with a wheelchair or a prosthetic leg.

On the other hand, some people feel uncomfortable with surrogacy, that maybe we should not be messing with Mother Nature. Some people feel that we are taking science a little too far by tampering with life itself.

How you feel about surrogacy in general will play a huge role in how you feel about the pros and cons of becoming a surrogate mother.

There are some pretty compelling pros to becoming a surrogate.  The biggest is that you get to give hope to a childless family, that you get to create a life that will be raised in a loving family.  For all the unwanted children who lack the unquestioned love of their parents, you’ll be helping create a child who will unquestionably be loved and wanted.

A more selfish reason, but a good one nonetheless, is that you just love the feeling of being pregnant.  Being pregnant is both a pro and a con.  Some women love the glow of pregnancy.  Others really don’t enjoy pregnancy. This is a huge pro or con.  It is often the deciding factor.

If you love pregnancy, but already have a big enough family, this alone is enough to draw a woman towards surrogacy. On the other hand, if you’ve had a bad experience with pregnancy, that alone is enough to convince a woman that surrogacy is best left to others.  In fact, that would be such a big con that you would not even qualify.  We accept surrogates only if they have had uniquely positive experiences with their own past pregnancies.

Apart from these pros and cons, there are others that are much less important, but worth considering, as well.  These are primarily health-related and finance related.

Studies show the numerous health benefits of surrogacy, from lowered risk of cancer and heart disease, to increased longevity. And all medical bills, checkups, medication and insurance are paid for you from the moment you sign the contract to shortly after delivery.  That is both a health and a financial benefit.

And don’t forget that you will be paid.  The amount won’t make you rich, but it is a nice bonus to sock away for your child’s education, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom who is not earning income at this time.

If the pros on this list of surrogate mother pros and cons today in Florida outweigh the cons for you, give us a call.

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