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Qualifications for Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Posted on June 21, 2015

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There are many paths to surrogacy, but what matters the most to us at Creative Love is that a surrogate mother or gestational carrier is confident in her choice to pursue the gift of surrogacy – that being a surrogate is truly what’s right for her and/or her family and in turn what’s healthy, safe and loving for the baby- to-be. Becoming a surrogate is a very strong commitment when committing to work with someone that so desperately would like to have a child. It is not something to be taken lightly. Yes, the monetary compensation that comes along with surrogacy is definitely an added bonus to a surrogate, however; there is so much more to becoming a surrogate then the monetary gain.

If your just researching what it takes to become a surrogate remember the most important part of this journey is when you do decide to become a surrogate that this journey is a partnership. Each party that works together must have the same beliefs and in full agreement on all areas of the journey. As a surrogate mother or gestational carrier you are walking in the shoes of the intended mother to be. If all parties are not in agreement on all important matters then the match is not a good one. Even as an agency we are taught life lessons and some of our matches with intended parents and surrogates have not been exactly ideal. It’s important to never rush a match. As a surrogate don’t agree on something just to agree in order to move forward. To intended parents don’t settle and agree to something with a surrogate if you feel strongly against it.

To become a surrogate candidate, U.S. citizens or permanent residents who apply must be between ages 21-40 years old and have already given birth to at least one child for whom they are an active parent. It’s imperative that surrogate mothers have already experienced pregnancy, birth, and bonding with a baby. (both before and after delivery) before we can know for sure that they’re confident they’re strong enough to be able to part with a baby after delivery. Being an active parent with a child of her own is also helpful in ensuring the surrogate can better relate with the needs of the perspective parent(s) and meet their expectations accordingly.

A surrogate’s former pregnancy or pregnancies (not more than 6 total or not more than 4 if they resulted in a C-section) need to have been uncomplicated, and it’s helpful if you enjoyed your pregnancy. Health of both the surrogate and the baby are paramount, and for this reason medical records (OB/GYN) from previous 7 years and a clearance letter from your OB/GYN are required. We also ask that applicants are height-weight proportionate (with a BMI below 31), are drug and alcohol free and have been tobacco free for at least one year,are not exposed to second-hand smoke either in their home or work environment, are willing to undergo STD and drug testing, are willing to take medications (in the form of injections,pills or patches) as needed, that they do not have any psychiatric illnesses or take depression or anxiety medication.

A surrogacy candidate and her spouse/partner (if applicable) will be asked to submit to a background check and psychological and medical testing. Additionally, surrogates should hold a valid driver’s license, have no plans to move out of state until after the birth, and must be willing to adhere to all contractual applications throughout the process. particularly honoring the predetermined wished of the family using a surrogate.

There are many motivations for becoming a surrogate mother, most notably the philanthropic aspect and how good it can feel to help a childless couple achieve their dream of finally becoming parents. This is especially true for someone if you’ve experienced firsthand the joy and wonder of becoming a parent yourself. Surrogacy allows individuals to make a truly unique contribution to their communities and is an amazing way to give back to those who want to build a family of their own. Though surrogates are compensated for their experience, money should never be a motivating factor when considering surrogacy; therefore, we ask that applicants are not on any type of financial support from the government, are financially stable, and also that they have a stable residence and lifestyle. Pregnancy and childbirth are amazing, life-changing experiences, but they pale in comparision to the act of being a parent. Imagine being able to give that gift to someone.

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