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Reaching Your Ultimate Goal Through Egg Donation Picking The Right Egg Donor

Posted on November 21, 2015

Today I’m so honored to announce the birth of another Creative Love Egg Donor Baby! To be a part of someones journey is such an incredible honor to us at Creative Love Egg Donor Agency. After my own personal struggle with infertility I knew my calling was to help others achieve their family dreams. Creative Love was truly created from my heart. Intended parents that turn to egg donation mostly are told that they need an egg donor after numerous attempts with their own eggs. To some couples or individuals it’s not the easiest thing to hear. What we all want is a baby and with egg donation you can add a much higher chance of reaching your ultimate goal of having your very own family.

The first thing I tell intended parents that IVF/Egg Donation is a good science, not a perfect science. I’m thankful for it and wouldn’t be the Mother I am today without it. However, just like IVF we might have to make a few attempts at it. Our wonderful client that just delivered her baby yesterday had a beautiful cycle with a young healthy first time egg donor with children of her own. Our intended mother did get pregnant on her first attempt, but unfortunately had an early miscarriage. Moving onto a frozen cycle success was achieved on the first frozen transfer attempt. I too am a perfect example. After cycling with my first proven egg donor and having no success I decided to move onto another egg donor.  With my second unproven egg donor I moved onto having a successful cycle with my first attempt. Reaching your ultimate goal is a huge possibly with egg donation. Being patient, positive and stress free is an added benefit to a positive cycle outcome. So, you say, “that’s easier said then done.” I always stress to intended mother’s if they have the available resources to start with acupuncture. This can not only help with increasing your lining, but can also help you to relax and focus on the positive.

When your ready to select your ideal egg donor we always like to remind our intended couples or individuals that despite all parties involved from you,your clinic,the egg donor, somethings will go wrong in 25%-30% of all egg donor cycles. Even with our best intention and extensive in-house screening process that we follow to ensure that our selection of donor’s is the strongest it can be for our intended parents. Creative Love Egg Donor Agency is one of the only agencies that prescreen their egg donors through their AMH to give you an indication of the quality donor that you are interested in cycling with and if that donor meets your clinics qualifications to move forward. Even when testing a donors AMH and moving forward sometimes surprises happen after the cycle is underway. When working with young woman in their mid-twenties, your donor will go through medical testing for a number of things that, if not for her becoming an egg donor, she likely would never have been tested for at her age. All of the testing that the donor is put through from the genetic screening, psychological testing, and legal contracts is to protect you and ensure that you have the best at a successful cycle outcome.

This is why, no matter how perfect your donor may seem, we always recommend to that you select a backup option before going forward with your cycle.  Sometimes working with a donor that has been through the process and screening will lessen the possibility of unexpected situation that can present themselves during the cycle. In saying this still do not limit yourself to working with only proven donors.  Remember when turning to egg donation you have already increased your chances of a successful cycle just for the fact that your moving onto to egg donation. Currently the success rate for egg donation is between 60%-80% live birth rate per embryo transfer. One of the best things to remember when selecting your ideal match is keeping a backup donor in mind when moving forward.

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