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Surrogacy Education: How to Become a Surrogate Mother

Posted on November 21, 2016


Time for some surrogacy education. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a surrogate mother, here are the four mains steps you’ll need to take.

Step one: Determine if you really want to become a surrogate mother. As wonderful as surrogacy is, it’s not for everybody.  Are you feeling just a passing whim to be pregnant again?  Or do you genuinely want to go through a full pregnancy?

Remember that a pregnancy lasts nine months, and that there are exams and preparations for several months ahead, and of course there is the post partem period afterwards.

Bear in mind that, unlike your previous pregnancies, you will have another couple intimately involved in the process. That means:

  • You have company!  You might not feel as alone.
  • You have company! You forfeit some elements of privacy, among those are some intimate health-related details.

Step two: Determine if your team is on-side. If your partner is against the idea, it won’t work. He might go along because he loves you and wants your happiness.  He might go along for the extra income.  He might go along because it’s a good deed you would be doing together to help another couple build a family just like yours.

Or he might not go along and might not be convinced. You need him onboard, or surrogacy is not an option.

Step three: Learn the requirements.  Here in the State of Florida, not everybody can become a surrogate mother.  While Florida is one of the more surrogate-friendly states, the requirements are very specific.  You can read the full list here.

These are some of the requirements to become a surrogate mother:

You must be between 21 and 42 years old.

You must have already carried through at least one successful pregnancy, and you must have enjoyed it. You must be now raising at least one child. All of your deliveries have to have been after 35 weeks; a significantly premature delivery would disqualify you. There cannot have been any complications, either, for that would also disqualify you.

On the other hand, you cannot have had more than four pregnancies or two C-sections.

You must be financially self-sufficient, not relying on government support. You must also have a stable place of residence and lifestyle.

Your BMI must be under 32.

You will have to pass a number of tests, including a criminal background check, psychological tests, drug tests and medical exams.  Your partner will have to consent to many of these, as well.

You must be a non-smoker with a driver’s license.

If you meet all these requirements, and others listed on our “Surrogate Requirements” page, you are ready for Step 4.

Step 4: Give us a call.  We’ll set up an appointment to go through additional details, so that you have a full picture of what is involved.  That includes the benefits of being a surrogate, and all the responsibilities.

Becoming a surrogate mother is a huge responsibility.  These are the basic steps to take, but your surrogacy journey will not be the same as anybody else’s, so be prepared for little surprises along the way. Your surrogacy education continues right through the pregnancy.

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