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Surrogacy For Gays In Florida

Posted on November 21, 2015

Surrogacy For Gays In Florida

While Florida is known to be a surrogacy-friendly state, people unfortunately don’t realize that Florida is also known to be gay-friendly when it comes to surrogacy regardless that Florida does not recognize same-sex marriage. Florida’s gestational surrogacy statute 742.15 specifically provides that the commissioning couple be a married man and woman. With gay couples or individuals they are legally protected by a Pre-planned Adoption Agreement governed by Florida Statute 63.213 which is enforceable. This statute makes it possible for a gay couples or individuals to commission a surrogate in order to create a family. Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogate Agency has been a part of many same-sex surrogate journey.

The legal process for same-sex couples is a different process from heterosexual couples, but it can be done in Florida. It is important for gay couples or individuals to work with an attorney that is experienced in drafting a pre-planned adoption agreement along with experience in the court proceeding necessary for  the second parent adoption. Both partners will go through a short adoption proceeding. The non-biological partner will be required to complete a home study and go through the second parent adoption proceeding in order to be named on the birth certificate and obtain legal rights to the child in Florida. With two different statutes and two different proceedings Gay Surrogacy can be achieved in Florida! Please contact Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogate Agency to grow or expand your family. We’ll tailor a surrogate journey that meets your needs.

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