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Surrogate Motherhood Pros and Cons Today in Florida

Posted on November 21, 2016


Are you thinking about becoming a surrogate mother?  It’s a big decision, so it is well worth considering the pros and cons.  Some of these are fairly obvious.

The biggest pro to becoming a surrogate mother is that it is a fulfilling experience in every way.  You get to create new life, as with any pregnancy. You also get to create a new family for what is usually a very frustrated couple.

Another big pro is that you get to create a new life and a new family, without having to take on the responsibility of raising another child.  Surrogacy is a way to give a little more, even when you have no more parenting bandwidth.

Some women just enjoy being pregnant.  There are emotional and psychological benefits.  This is a way to benefit from those, without making a lifelong parenting commitment.

There are also some obvious cons. Surrogate motherhood is not for everybody. Some people cannot bear to create a life and part with it.

If your partner, your other children or close family living with you (parents or in-laws) strongly oppose surrogacy, the process could be unpleasant for you.  Best to make sure they are on board or at least willing to support your decision before you jump in.

Another obvious con is that pregnancy takes its toll on your body. Multiple pregnancies take a greater toll than a single pregnancy.  Taking a page out of the “Life Is Not fair” book, pregnancy takes a bigger toll on some women’s bodies than on others. You might want to raise this matter with your family physician if it is something that worries you. According to Florida law, you also lose some control over medical treatment; you cannot refuse “reasonable” medical treatment while carrying the fetus.

No pregnancy is without risk.  Before embarking on surrogate motherhood, take time to consider the risks involved.  Only you can decide whether those risks are worth taking for such a fulfilling experience.

And then there is the money.

On the one hand, you are being compensated to do this.  There is a process in Florida to determine how much you will be paid for your time, effort and out-of-pocket expenses.  So that’s the good part.

If you were hoping to get rich as a surrogate mother, you will be disappointed.  Florida law is very clear that surrogates are to be reasonably compensated, but that women cannot sell their bodies to the highest bidder.  If you’ve read about $60,000 or $90,000 payouts, that’s not Florida. The laws here seek to keep things ethical, and that is a good thing. Each case is different, but the payments typically range between $30,000 and $45,000 in Florida.

You will find that there are no out-of-pocket expenses when it comes to being a surrogate. For example, any costs involved in making life comfortable for you in the latter stages of pregnancy would be taken care of by the intended parents.  You will be compensated for time off from work.  If you have young children at home and are required to be on doctor ordered bedrest you will be compensated your net-lost-wages if employed.  This will allow you to hire a baby sitter or care giver. If you’re not employed, you will be given an allowance to cover these cost.

Before deciding on surrogate motherhood, make a list of all the pros and cons that apply to your situation.  Decide which ones are most important to you.

We welcome with open arms any woman who qualifies to be a surrogate.  But we only welcome those who truly want to do it because it makes their lives richer. If you feel that surrogacy will enrich your life, give us a call.

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