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Surrogate Tips: Using a Gestational Surrogate Agency

Posted on November 21, 2016

Surrogate Tips: Using a Gestational Surrogate Agency

Many women want to be surrogate mothers, but they don’t know where to start. The place to start is at a gestational surrogate agency.

First, “gestational surrogacy” means simply that the egg is fertilized in vitro before being planted in the wall of the surrogate’s uterus. Most official surrogacy in the modern world is done this way.

The agency plays many very important roles.  The biggest is to coordinate all the various aspects of the surrogacy process for you.  There are many aspects, medical, legal and logistical.

At the outset, the agency brings together surrogate mother and intended parents. A trusted surrogate agency does extensive vetting of each, to ensure that neither couple gets an unpleasant surprise at having bound themselves to the wrong people for this process.

As much as you want to understand all the details involved, you want the other party to be well-versed in all the details, as well.  You want to know that they are willing to live by all the rules and procedures involved.  You want to know that they are cooperative, understanding people – people you will be able to get along with.

Each of you is also tied to the other’s physical health, so you will want to know that this also has been reviewed.

The gestational surrogate agency also makes sure that all the legal aspects are taken care of.  The agency does not replace the need for lawyers, but there are forms and reports and parameters to meet.  The agency keeps track to make sure that you don’t miss anything, that you comply with the legal expectations.

The agency also helps you keep track of all the medical aspects, that you meet with any specialists required, that tests are conducted when needed, that you are aware of any additional medical requirements along the way. That includes medications, nutrition and hormones.

Make sure to be as open as possible on the very first day.

  • Open about your emotions and feelings.  That includes any apprehensions and fears.
  • Open about your physical condition.  Your full medical history should be an open book.
  • Open about your finances and your home situation. This is the environment in which your surrogacy will be unfolding.

Your gestational surrogacy agency is your partner through this process, so make sure your partner knows everything. Check out the full surrogate process if you want a good overview first.  Then pick up the phone and give us a call.  We’ll be happy to talk with you about your plans and your next steps.

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