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The Surrogate Mother and Intended Parents Relationship

Posted on November 21, 2015

The Surrogate Mother and Intended Parents Relationship

Creating a Perfect Match: The Surrogate Mother and Intended Parent(s) Relationship

With so many wonderful, unique people on this Earth, one of the most interesting, exciting parts of working with Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogate Agency can be the process of helping intended parents select the right surrogate to help them start or expand their family.

Candidates that are interested in becoming a surrogate with Creative Love Egg Donor and Surrogate Agency are asked to fill out an extensive, in-depth questionnaire with their application in order to help our agency build a complete background about each surrogate’s lifestyle, past pregnancy experience, health, medical history, and psychological well-being.   This information is pivotal, of course, but so too is the development of a relationship with our surrogacy candidates and the opportunity to learn about them as real and different individuals. Through an extensive interview process, we get to know our surrogates and are able to discover the rich dynamics of their families and their passions, along with what drives them to want to be a part of such a magnificent gift for someone else. This is the key to pairing a surrogate with the right intended family – ensuring that the match is a natural fit and that everyone bonds during this incredibly selfless, intimate, and extraordinary experience.

Potential surrogates and intended families are paired after both parties have had a chance to complete thorough biographical histories. One of our Surrogate coordinators will help both our surrogates and intended parents to to write a bio summary on themselves that we can share with either party. This summary of information is used in the preliminary round of pairing to narrow down successful matches for both the surrogate and the parents-to-be. After a successful pairing, our surrogate coordinator will arrange a meeting with both the surrogate mother and the intended parents. This is the most significant step in determining if there’s a viable connection between the two parties and if everyone feels comfortable moving forward to the next phase. The next phase would be the medical screening process. Witnessing the beautiful bonds between parents and a surrogate is truly amazing, and it’s a joy to see this early, meaningful act of love toward bringing a wanted child into the world.

It’s important for both parties to be vocal and clear about their needs and expectations throughout this initial process. This is true for the more obvious, heavy-hitting concerns, such as how both groups feel about selective reduction, how many embryos to transfer, who the surrogate will allow in the delivery room during the birth, the type of relationship you would like to have as well as the smaller details, such as how far the surrogates lives from a hospital or birthing center or what types of exercise she regularly engages in, if she has any travel plans, who exactly is her home base support system?  Though it’s not mandatory that the surrogate and the intended parents see eye to eye on every single detail right away. Sometimes it takes the intended parents and surrogate time talk through different subjects and topics of a surrogate journey.  However, it is important that they reach an agreement about each issue, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, before the process begins – since once you start, it’s pretty difficult to go back.

Some surrogates journeys go on to form lifelong bonds with the intended parents they’re matched with and the babies they deliver, keeping in touch until the child has grown well into adulthood. Some are inseparably bonded throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and shortly after the birth, and then naturally parts ways and settle back into comforts of their own lifestyles. Either way, the gift of surrogacy is an invaluable, life-changing gift, and the relationships that result from this shared experience can be truly incredible. If your interested in the surrogate process as an intended parent or interested in becoming a surrogate we would like to meet you.

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