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Tips on Becoming a Surrogate

Posted on November 21, 2016

Tips on Becoming a Surrogate

So you’ve decided to become a surrogate mother.  Congratulations!

Becoming a surrogate is one of the most fulfilling things you will ever do.  It will be an experience to treasure for a lifetime. Most women will never do it, and it’s not for everybody.  But those who do, overwhelmingly report that it was a wonderful experience.  In fact, most want to do it again.

Here are a few tips to make becoming a surrogate the positive experience you’ve been hearing about.

Make sure your partner is also a partner in surrogate parenting. Everything runs smoother when he is as enthusiastic as you are. Remember that giving birth is a part of parenting, and while you play the unquestionable lead role in this process, parenting is always easier and more fulfilling with two fully engaged parents.

Choose a surrogacy agency who is also as enthusiastic as you are.  Creative Love is owned by an intended parent, so she has seen it from the other side in her own life. She knows the joys and the excitement.  She knows the challenges and the issues.  She shares the excitement of both the surrogate mothers and the intended parents.

When you work with an agency who has experience, not just as a business, but also as surrogates and intended parents themselves, you will find it so much easier to share, to open up, to feel you have friends who really understand.

Before embarking on this journey, get a complete physical. You’ll want to make sure that you are in top physical condition.  You’ll also want to know about any possible risks.  No pregnancy is risk-free, but it helps to check for any particular situations.

Start taking folic acid now.  You want to be on folic acid ahead of getting pregnant, to ensure there are no brain or spine birth defects, such as neural tube defects. We also recommend that you take multivitamins, so that your body is at the peak of its strength.

Take the time to read the contract.  Here in the state of Florida, there are some very specific clauses and specifications that the contract must include. Among other things, it must specify that the surrogate agrees to relinquish all parental rights when the baby is born, and that she will walk away with no intent to:

  • play any parenting role after the birth
  • has no interest in any form of physical custody
  • has no interest in any form of legal custody

However, there will be numerous other clauses that can be negotiated based on your needs and the needs of the intended parents.

Your overall experience will be as positive as you want it to be.  Following these tips will make it easier for you to enjoy becoming a surrogate mother.  Give us a call if you want to become a surrogate mother. We’ll talk with you about your situation, and give you tips and advice most suited to you and your partner.

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