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Using SART Data to Select a Fertility Clinic

Posted on April 21, 2016

You wouldn’t select a dentist who had a high incidence of giving root canals to patients after he failed to successfully fill their cavities. You wouldn’t choose a dermatologist with a history of not catching skin cancer. You wouldn’t call around and ask for that least qualified pediatrician or chiropractor or optometrist. You shouldn’t compromise on your fertility clinic either.

Data from SART, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, can help in making an informed decision about which clinic is right for you. According to their website: Since 1985, SART has been actively involved in the collection of data outcomes from our member programs. We have worked closely with the Center for Disease Control in compliance with the Fertility Clinic Success Rate and Certification Act of 1992 (Wyden Act) in an effort to accurately reflect outcomes of the procedures in which we are involved.

SART works as an advocate of women and families everywhere, helping to “set up and maintain the standards for “assisted reproductive technology,” and ensuring that procedures such as in-vitro fertilization are preformed in the safest  environments and with the highest standard of patient care.

The organization also serves as a database of important information and frequently asked questions for people thinking about or currently utilizing some form of assisted reproductive technology.Working in partnership with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. (ASRM), SART has successfully created guidelines for many common assisted reproductive procedures and can provide extensive information about the scientific data associated with most advancements in assisted reproduction. With a board made up of a diverse range of talented medical professionals, website visitors and others taking advantage of SART’s labors should rest assured that the information the organization has gathered is up-to-date and accurate.

SART’s commitment to research and transparency helps make them an asset to anyone seeking more information about the opportunity currently available to them regarding assisted reproduction. For example, SART aids members and website visitors in finding the nearest clinic with successful IVF and assisted reproduction rates. From their comprehensive explanation of benefits, the organization notes:

SART doctors and scientist are on the cutting edge of the medical technology and science in treating infertility. They are continually researching new breakthroughs and are recognized nationally and internationally as the leading practitioners in the fields. Our member practices follow strict guidelines in data collections and reporting, resulting in information that you can understand and count in… SART works with government agencies  and patient groups to establish quality assurance standards,create proper guidelines, and provide educational information.

With links to other pertinent reproductive and women’s health resources at their site, along with dozens of informative fact sheets and info booklets on a range of women’s health topics, SART proves themselves to be indisputably valuable to women or other individuals seeking information. Those interested in alternative options for pregnancy and parenting should absolutely take SART’s mission and efforts to heart. They provide a much needed service to their community and make an important contribution to reproduction efforts nationwide.

Still when selecting a clinic to work with do your own do diligence and research the clinic of interest, setup a consult with the doctor, join different fertility board and ask others that have been through the exact journey that you are embarking on their thoughts  on a particular clinic. Compare your notes against what the SART website is telling you and make your final decision on where to cycle. After all of the research you’ve done you’ll be comfortable in knowing that you have set yourself up for the best possible successful outcome.

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