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Why I Became An Egg Donor With Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogate Agency

Posted on November 21, 2015

After graduating from college last year, I was super worried about finding a job in our current economy. Like many peers, I moved back home for the summer while I began my job search. Luckily, I landed a gig I liked within two months, and two months after that I was in my own apartment – with a roommate. And her Guinea pig. Still, compared to a lot of other recent grads, I had pretty much made it.

Then my fist student loan payment bill arrived. It was more than my share of rent. So I did what any responsible and independent recent grad would do – I called my mom hysterically crying. “Donate your eggs, “she joked, and then she went on to give me some practice advise about loan consolidation, income-based repayment plans, and budgeting. But a few days after that phone call, even after I had taken steps to sort out my loan payments in a more economical way, I was still thinking about what she had said about egg donation.

Honestly, it just wasn’t something that had really occurred to me before. I guess I just figured that when people weren’t able to have a baby naturally, they adopted, and that’s awesome, My oldest sister made me an aunt two years ago. My niece is the coolest kid on the planet, and my sister raves about how much she loves being a mom. So that started to influence my decision too – what if she had had a hard time getting pregnant? Would I have given her some of my eggs? Would I have carried a baby for her?

The answer, without hesitation, was yes. But then I started thinking about what would have happened if my sister didn’t have me to do those things for her. Obviously lots of women want to have kids but might not have a sister/cousin/best friend who’s willing to donate their eggs or their body to help them have a baby. But I could do it.

Since I’ve never been pregnant surrogacy isn’t right for me at this time. But after speaking with Wendy at Creative Love and having her explain everything, I couldn’t have been more sure about donating my eggs. I know there are probably more heroic, flashy ways to give back to my community, but by just taking one look at my sister, I know that it’s a pretty big deal to give someone the gift of being a parent.

The donation process is pretty easy, minimally invasive, and safe. A lot of this has to do with the staff as Creative Love. I have sometimes kept Wendy on the phone for more then an hour with a new list of questions after doing my own internet research, and unlike probably every other person I’ve interacted with in a medical setting, she is so patient. She’s never made me feel like I was getting on her nerves, taking up too much of her time, or asking something that was stupid or obvious. This helped me rest easy and it also made me want to share my story with others.

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