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Why You Should Become a Gestational Surrogate

Posted on November 21, 2016

Why You Should Become a Gestational Surrogate

Did you know that 10 percent of women in the United States, between the ages of 15 and 44, have a hard time getting pregnant or staying pregnant (as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC)?  That amounts to 6.1 million people.

In some cases, the problem is with the man.  In some cases, the problem is with the woman.  In some cases, it is both. If the woman has infertility issues, she has three choices:

  • Give up on having a family, which is not a very attractive option for a couple who has been trying to conceive.
  • Adopt, which is a great option for bringing a child in need into one’s home and is ideal for couples who don’t feel the need to have children of their own lineage.
  • Hire a surrogate mother, allowing the couple to have a child to raise from birth, which is the most complete form of parenting available to an infertile couple to take.

As a surrogate mother, you would be providing a vital community service to so many couples who simply cannot conceive themselves and who find adoption just isn’t a path they want to take.

That is a huge altruistic, community-minded reason to become a gestational surrogate.  But what’s in it for you?


If you’ve had a bad experience with a previous pregnancy, surrogacy is not for you.  But if you’ve had a great experience, if you enjoyed the glow, if pregnancy helped complete you and make you feel more fulfilled than ever before, let’s talk surrogacy.

There is only one way to recapture the glow you felt during previous pregnancies. That is to get pregnant again. But there are only so many children you want to raise from baby through the toddler years, through the school years and adolescence up to adulthood. There comes a time when you have to say “No” to more children of your own.

That’s the time to say “Yes” to surrogacy.

Surrogacy is about much more than recapturing the glow of pregnancy and doing good. There are tangible benefits that come from becoming a gestational surrogate mother.  Those benefits fall into two categories: financial and health.

The financial benefits are fairly clear.  You get paid.

  • You get paid for your services.
  • You get paid for out-of-pocket expenses .
  • And your health care costs are covered.

The health benefits are more complex. They start with the extent to which you undergo physical exams, paid for by the intending parents.  But there are other health benefits that come from pregnancy, including longer life expectancy and lower risk of both breast cancer and ovarian cancer.  Pregnancy is a boon to health, and surrogacy lets you benefit without having to take on a lifelong commitment to raising another child.

If you are someone who wants to recapture the glow of pregnancy, there are just so many reasons to become a surrogate.  Give us a call today, to see if you qualify.

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