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Will My Spouse Be Tested If I’m To Become A Surrogate?

Posted on November 21, 2016

Will My Spouse Be Tested If I'm To Become A Surrogate

If you are married or in a steady domestic relationship, your partner or spouse will become very much a part of your surrogate journey. Since they will be in close quarters with you and are likely to engage in a relationship intimate in nature, they share the responsibility of creating a safe environment for the intended parent’s unborn child.

As outlined in the guide to becoming a gestational surrogate carrier your partner or spouse will be subject to many of the same prerequisite screenings that help to determine your eligibility as a surrogate. This includes their presence at the psychological evaluation, submission to a background check on both state and federal level, willingness to be tested for STD’s and drug use, and they must refrain from any form of smoking. Additionally, it is absolutely important that as a potential surrogate you have the support from your partner/spouse.

As is with all activities, the more participants in play the greater the potential exists for complications. Our greatest priority is creating the smoothest journey possible. Given the sensitive and entailed task the surrogate is willing to carry out, prior to becoming a surrogate she must successfully complete a psychological evaluation. This is to ensure that she is of a healthy, stable state of mind and competent enough to understand the details and commitment she is undertaking. Likewise her partner must be of equal healthy and stable state of mind and accepting of the decision his significant other is making. We must ensure that their will not be added stress from a disagreeing or disgruntled partner on the surrogate once pregnancy commences. It would be unfair and unfavorable if the surrogate faced any relational consequences as a result of participating in such a beautiful gift for another couple. It is with that in mind that we verify all parties are fully informed and in agreement to move forward in surrogacy.

In the positive event pregnancy is achieved exposure to STD’s from your partner/spouse or any other sexual encounter may cause harm to the surrogate and the unborn child. It is absolutely essential that any and all partners are reported to the agency and screened prior to engaging in any activity with the surrogate. Creative Love requires surrogates to be forthcoming of any changes that may arise in their personal relationships. *All admissions can/will remain confidential; honesty between surrogate and agency is held above all else, as a healthy delivery of a healthy child is our main priority. Likewise, for the protection and health of both the surrogate and unborn child surrogates must be nonsmokers (or have refrained from smoking for at least one year) and not be exposed to second hand smoke.

As a surrogate you are placed with the immense responsibility of caring and nurturing another couple’s child while in the womb. These are all precautions taken to ensure a healthy environment that yields a successful pregnancy journey in the best interest of the surrogate, unborn child, and intended parents.For these reasons it is mandatory that partner and spouses willingly submit to the above screenings.

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