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Creative Love is an Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agency that is inspired and delighted to work with Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Surrogate Mothers to help create beautiful families. Our goal is to be an objective and comprehensive educational resource for everyone interested in the Egg Donation and Surrogacy process. Whether you are an Intended Parent looking to create a family, or an Egg Donor or Surrogate Mother willing to help assist in the gift of life, Creative Love is an agency willing to work with anyone, regardless of your marital status, sexual orientation, or nationality.

Tehani Gestational Carrier, Florida - 8/26/2016

So far I have had the best experience with the whole process. I researched and thought about becoming a surrogate for 2 years before actually tacking t initiative to do it. Wendy was there to answer all my questions and help me through the whole process. I am so glad to have found her! She matched me up with the best couple I could ask for. If I could do it again I would!

Tim and Steve, Intended Parents, Florida - 2/21/17

Thanks so much for coordinating our long journey!  We  did hit a few harmless bumps along the way.  This was to be expected. The agency was wonderful and resolved any issue right away. We knew that when we started this journey that we needed to step back and let the agency takeover.   In the end everything fell right into place.  Your team has made our dreams come true and we thank you from deep in our hearts!