Surrogate Mother Requirements

Requirements To Become A Surrogate Mother

Becoming a Surrogate Mother

At Creative Love it is our goal to take care of you and be your advocate throughout your surrogate journey so that you can focus on what is important, the best possible pregnancy. Our surrogate mother in-take coordinator , Amanda Vazquez, is a former surrogate mother herself. Amanda will be your first point of contact with our agency. Amanda will educate you on all aspects of what it takes to become a surrogate mother. She’ll share the surrogacy process with you and answer all of your questions and concerns. You will have a cycle coordinator that will support you throughout your journey answering any questions that you may have at anytime in your journey. Your coordinator will guild you through the medical aspect of your journey, legal contract phase to ensure that your rights are protected and proper insurance coverage is in place.

How To Become A Surrogate Mother?

Thank you for taking the first step to helping a couple or individual realize their dream of having a family. Please review the surrogacy requirements below. Surrogates are accepted into our program based on the following qualifications.

Surrogacy laws vary by state. Creative Love only works with surrogates who live in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Please contact us to learn more about surrogacy laws in your state.

Surrogate Mother Requirements

  • Be between the age of 21-40 years old
  • Must reside in a surrogate-friendly state
  • Enjoyed your pregnancy!
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Have experienced a full-term pregnancy and delivery
  • You have not deliveries prior to 35 weeks (unless they were twins or more)
  • Have given birth to a child of your own and raising that child
  • Have had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries
  • No more than 2 previous c-sections
  • No more than 4 or more pregnancies
  • Provide medical records from OB/GYN for last 7 years of pregnancies and clearance letter approving you as a surrogate
  • Be height-weight proportionate (BMI must be under 32)
  • You must have a stable residence and lifestyle. Not be planning to move out of the state, from the time you submit your application until after the delivery of the child
  • Have the support of your spouse, partner , friends, or family members.
  • Be willing to adhere to all contractual obligations throughout the process
  • You are not receiving any kind of government assistance. (including food stamps, cash assistance, housing, and insurance benefits)
  • Surrogate and partner (when applicable) must agree to psychological testing
  • You and your partner (when applicable) are able to pass our though criminal background check which includes sexual offender registry
  • Be willing to take medications via injection, pill, patches ( instructed by RE)
  • Not smoke (stopped for a minimum of 2 year) or take illegal drugs, or be exposed to second hand smoke
  • Be willing to refrain from alcohol throughout the medical process and pregnancy
  • Be willing to be medically tested for STD’s and drugs
  • Not have any psychiatric illness or take medications for depression or anxiety
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation to travel to Dr’s appointments
  • Must be financially sound
Once you are accepted into our surrogate mother program, the following requirements must be met before we can share your profile with a potential intended parent. 
  • Complete a extensive interview with the agency
  • Complete a home visit from a representative of the agency
  • Complete a current pap smear if not current.
  • Complete a psychological evaluation with a PhD psychologist. (your spouse or partner is required to attend).
  • Submit past birthing records (past 7 years only).
  • Complete a background check search by your name and SSN. This is conducted on both a federal and state criminal records, as well as residential history. (spouse or partner is required to complete a background check)
If you have any questions in regards to the surrogacy requirements or becoming a surrogate mother, please contact our office. If you meet ALL our surrogate requirements we invite you to move forward and complete a surrogate application with us today.