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Creative Love is an Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agency that is inspired and delighted to work with Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Surrogate Mothers to help create beautiful families. Our goal is to be an objective and comprehensive educational resource for everyone interested in the Egg Donation and Surrogacy process. Whether you are an Intended Parent looking to create a family, or an Egg Donor or Surrogate Mother willing to help assist in the gift of life, Creative Love is an agency willing to work with anyone, regardless of your marital status, sexual orientation, or nationality.

Discover heartwarming stories of hope and love with our surrogacy services client reviews / testimonials from all our Florida. From dreams fulfilled to families created, We are here to make your journey to parenthood unforgettable.

Tehani Gestational Carrier, Florida - August 2016

So far I have had the best experience with the whole process. I researched and thought about becoming a surrogate for 2 years before actually tacking t initiative to do it. Wendy was there to answer all my questions and help me through the whole process. I am so glad to have found her! She matched me up with the best couple I could ask for. If I could do it again I would!

Tim and Steve ~ Intended Parents, Florida - February 2016

Thanks so much for coordinating our long journey! We did hit a few harmless bumps along the way. This was to be expected. The agency was wonderful and resolved any issue right away. We knew that when we started this journey that we needed to step back and let the agency takeover. In the end everything fell right into place. Your team has made our dreams come true and we thank you from deep in our hearts!

Abby and Rolando ~ Intended Parents - October 2016

We feel very blessed to have been referred to Wendy and Creative Love. She guided us along our journey and matched us with an amazing surrogate. She was very knowledgeable about the medical, legal and financial aspects of the process. We feel so fortunate to have been recommended Creative Love by our IVF doctor’s staff. She worked well with our medical team and helped us a lot in understanding all the requirements and steps in our journey. Our son was born via surrogate in October 2016. We will always be thankful.

Abby F. ~ Egg Donor - January 2016

After having a friend struggle with getting pregnant and being there with her through her struggles making choices about IVF, hormones, egg donors, and exhausting many options, becoming an egg donor became I was compelled to do. If I could make someone’s dream of becoming pregnant easier, why not do it! I did a lot of research online and ended up submitting an application to Wendy Arker at Creative Love. Wendy called me within a few hours after receiving my application and I knew this was the agency for me. That initial phone conversation lasted nearly 30 minutes and she answered all of my questions, addressed any of my concerns, and made me feel incredibly confident in and proud of my decision to become an egg donor. She called me right away when I had matched with intended parents and from that moment, the ball was rolling! She took detailed note of my upcoming schedule and planned every appointment around anything I already had going on. I received emails with every detail I would need going to these appointments since a few of them I went to alone due to living outside of the city where the intended parents clinic was located. She called and texted me regularly just to check in and I could tell she genuinely cared about not only how I was doing with the egg donation process but also took time to get to know me personally. When it was time for me to travel to the intended parents clinic for my retrieval, Wendy booked my hotel for the extent of my stay, and compensated me promptly for my gas not only to travel to the clinic initially, but also any driving I did while there. She was with me at the clinic during a number of my routine visits and on days she wasn’t, she always called or texted checking in and supporting me. The day of my retrieval was incredibly smooth and after sleeping a few hours I awoke to a call and message from Wendy asking how I was doing, telling me my compensation was on the way (I received 100% of it within 2 days of retrieval) and I called her right away filling her in and thanking her for making the experience so simple, and wonderful. In that same breath I can also say that I look forward to donating and working with Wendy again. Not only because of the incredible gift egg donation is, but also because of just how apparent it is how much pride and love Wendy has for the work she does. Getting to know her you will see just how busy she is, yet every time you need her, she is there and pauses anything she can to help you. Working with Wendy I was made to feel like a priority every day, not just another donor, or a burden, and it was truly a wonderful experience all around.

Charles Johnson and D.C. Zhong : Hong Kong - November 2019

After an intensive search, we decided to work with Wendy & Creative Love. We couldn’t have been happier! We were two clueless wannabe Dads, and Wendy guided us every step of the way. Our surrogate was amazing, the Dr’s at Conceptions FL fantastic, and the team at Holy Cross Hospital NICU beyond wonderful. We were living overseas and had to do most things remotely, which was challenging, but Wendy was there for us 24/7 and provided invaluable advice and knowledge to us.

Juan Pablo and Jose: Ecuador - March 2019

We researched surrogacy for over 4 years, at times discouraged by the agencies we encountered. Reaching Wendy at Creative Love was most definitely a blessing for us, her personal experience and expertise weighed heavily on our choice! We have surely felt accompanied by her in every single step of our journey. Surrogacy is a marvelous experience that for many of us can bring that one option of having a family and we cannot thank Creative Love enough ! Having the right person and team by us was and is a key element! JP

Jackeline Vargas - March 2020

Jackeline Vargas‎ to Creative Love Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agency

My husband and I would like to take the opportunity to give much gratitude to Wendy Arker who guided us through the entire journey as intended parents. Wendy did an amazing job in seeking a surrogate mother right for us and it was such a success. Wendy is a very special and fair woman who has her heart and soul in the job she does for others. Wendy is very dedicated and passionate about seeking surrogate mothers for those intended parents whose dream is to have a family of their own. We will forever be very grateful for Wendy and our surrogate mother who made our wish come true.