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Contact us for a complementary consult to discuss your family building plans with us through surrogacy and/or egg donation
Arriving at this point is a big decision. We’re glad that you are here. We want to take away what can be overwhelming at first and turn things around for you being a part of your path to parenthood creating a wonderful journey with you. As an agency is it our primary goal to match you with a wonderful surrogate that meets your needs both personally and demographically. With our team at your side, we can guarantee you a journey with support and comfort.

Complimentary Consultation

We’re happy to give you the time to share more about us and educated you in detail on how the process of working with our agency and a gestational carrier works. Our door is always open welcoming you to our office. If you’re not in driving distance to our office we will arrange a phone call or video meeting. We understand that choosing an agency that is the right fit for you is important. We want to give you the time to answer all questions and begin to build a level of comfort with us.

Retaining Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency

Once you’ve made the decision to work with us the first step is signing the agency retainer agreement. We’ll work together to complete necessary agency paperwork, create your profile that we’ll share with potential surrogates. At this time, we’ll arrange for your psychological evaluation. This is a clinic requirement. If you have not selected a fertility center we can work together and refer you from a list of top world -renowned clinics that we work with and highly respect.

Thoughtful Matching With Your Ideal Surrogate

We believe that the match between the intended parent(s) and surrogate is one of the upmost importance! We take the time to know our intended parent(s) not just from the profile they create and our surrogate mothers. One of the most important parts of the matching process is to match a surrogate mother and intended parent(s) on like minds, specific criteria and preferences. We never force a match. Once both parties have an interest in each other’s profile we’ll arrange an initial meeting with us, you, and the surrogate to determine if you would officially like to move forward together.

Surrogate Medical Screening

We have all of our surrogates’ birth and delivery records approved before any match is made. We complete a comprehensive fertility workup on all surrogate mothers eliminating the possibility of her not passing the medical screening at your fertility clinic. We’ll work with your surrogate and fertility clinic to arrange her new patient appointment. At this appointment she’ll meet with the nurse, completed consent forms to become a part of the practice. If she’s married her husband will sign them as well. She’ll see the Dr, complete labs and additional medical testing. We’ll make all travel arrangements for your surrogate.

Proper Maternity Insurance Coverage

If your surrogate does not have proper insurance that covers a surrogacy pregnancy then it is your responsibility to purchase proper insurance. We’ll work together to retain a proper insurance policy. It is important to have proper insurance in place before your surrogate mother goes to the embryo transfer.

Legal Agreement

Once your surrogate has been medically cleared by your fertility clinic we can then move forward with the legal contract. Both parties will have separate legal representation. The contract will be drafted by and an attorney that has a specialty in third party reproductive law. Not only is your attorney drafting the legal contract, representing you, filing the pre-birth order or handling any post- delivery work. We’ll work together with all parties making sure everyone is represented properly. We’ll work to gather portent information needed for the legal contract sharing the information with your attorney.

Opening Your Escrow Account

Now that the contract has been signed by you and your surrogate, we move onto opening the escrow account. We work with reputable escrow attorneys that we can refer you to. You will need to have the account fully funded before your surrogate is able to begin her medication protocol. This account will pay bills and your surrogate at different increments throughout the journey with your approval first.

Beginning Of The Medication Protocol

Congratulations we are ready for your surrogate to begin her medication protocol to prepare her body for the embryo transfer. Now that the legal contract is signed and the escrow account is fully funded the clinic will issue the cycle calendar. From the initial start of the medications to the actual embryo transfer will typically be six weeks.

Embryo Transfer Day

The time has come for the embryo transfer. We welcome all of our intended parent(s) to the transfer room. If you’re not able to attend the transfer most clinics are happy to have to chime in via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. If your clinic is within a reasonable driving distance from our office, we never miss transfer day!

The Pregnancy & Birth

Ten days after the embryo transfer your surrogate mother will have her first beta test which is a pregnancy test via a blood draw. With a nice number the clinic will repeat in two days to make sure the number has doubled. Typically, with a singleton pregnancy which is one baby the surrogate mother is released from the fertility clinic to her OB/GYN by nine weeks gestation. We’re thrilled that you’re another step closer to holding your baby. Throughout the pregnancy Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency will stay in contact and is always available to you and your surrogate mother throughout the pregnancy.