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Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency is a warm and caring agency located in Florida. We thank you for considering us for your surrogacy parenting needs. Surrogacy can be a complex process to navigate on your own from the medical, legal, psychological, and emotional aspect. However, surrogacy is an exciting and fulfilling option to create or expand your family. Surrogacy allows you to be a proactive participant in the pregnancy from the very beginning. Whether you’re from the United States, Europe, South America or from around the globe we welcome you to our agency. Florida is one of the most surrogate friendly states in the South East. We’re ready to begin your path to parenthood with us!
A surrogate is a women who agrees to carry a pregnancy for a couple or individual. After the delivery of the baby the women that delivered the baby will not parent the baby. The intended parent(s) that are in a legally binding surrogate contract with the surrogate will be the legal parent to the baby. The more defined definition of a surrogate who also can be know as a “gestational carrier”is the act of one women carrying a child that genetically belongs to a couple or individual. In a gestational surrogate arrangement at least one of the parents named in the legal contract must be genetically related to the child.
You should consider your own personal expectations of the agency that you are considering working with. Some intended parent(s) want to work with an agency that is very hands on with their surrogacy needs. Some are only looking for basic services like being introduced to a potential surrogate. Take the time and create a list of exactly what you are looking for in an agency to help you determine which agency is the best fit for your needs. We’ll share recommendations from former clients that we’ve taken surrogacy journeys with.
Creative Love is a full service Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency. We offer compassion, understanding and support to every intended parent(s) that we meet. Creative Love offers a hands on approach from matching you with your ideal surrogate mother, providing full guidance and support throughout your surrogacy journey, assisting you with referrals to senior attorneys that have years of experience in the laws of surrogacy, providing guidance in relations to the finances involved in a complete surrogacy journey, establishing your escrow account that will pay your surrogate throughout her pregnancy. Surrogacy is a life changing experience. Having the proper agency in your corner ensures that you are supported every step of the way.
No, there are no specific licensing required other then a state business licenses. However, we are proud members of many leading organizations in reproductive health. Creative Love has built close relationships with top fertility clinics throughout the United States. We work hard to stay current and educated ourselves on the latest advancements in fertility treatment, surrogacy laws and insurance policies.
Yes! Florida is a very favorable state for surrogacy whether your a married couple, single individual or same-sex. The surrogacy laws have made Florida as good as California when it comes to Gestational Surrogate arrangements. Florida laws enables couples to establish their parental status of the child without having a paternity or adoptions process. The law is the same for same-sex couples as long as they are legal married. Florida is also the most surrogacy friendly states in the South East for single individuals to enter into a surrogacy journey.
Independent surrogate journeys can be just as successful. However, we have seen many unfortunately circumstances.
Yes! We work with intended parents from around the globe. From Italy, France, Spain, South American and many Caribbean Islands. We are available to accommodate all of your special needs when traveling abroad to South Florida for your surrogate journey.

The United States is the first chose for intended parents from all over the world who are interested to international surrogacy. Traveling to Florida is simple. With easy travels, Florida is home to many of the best fertility clinics in the country. Florida is also one of the most surrogate friendly states. We have legal statues (laws) that protect you whether your a married couple, individual or same-sex couple. There are no complicated court proceedings and you leave Florida with a birth certificate reflecting your name on it and “not” the surrogate mother. Several reasons why international intended parents visit Florida for surrogacy:

  • Florida is home to many top fertility clinics with very high success rates
  • Strict Egg Donor Screening Process
  • Highly Regulated Medical Care
  • The advances in infertility treatment is an advantage over other countries
  • Florida has surrogate laws that protect your rights and are very favorable
  • Good exchange rates make surrogacy affordable in Florida
Surrogate parenting still gives the intended parent(s) an opportunity to be genetic parents. Some couples in individuals have turned to surrogacy due to medical reasons, history of miscarriages, age, same-sex couples.
Adoptions is a wonderful option for many. However, surrogacy has so many practical and medical advantages. When your using your own eggs and sperm of your spouse there can be an actual genetic relationship to the baby. Surrogacy allows you to be emotionally invested in the pregnancy without risking the surrogate changing her mind once the baby is born.
We are continuously screening potential new surrogates. Generally we match surrogates and intended parent(s) in a short time frame from several weeks to as long as three months. We never want to rush a match based on convenience. It’s important that your match is ideal with all parties sharing the same goal and beliefs.
Once you are matched with your surrogate your surrogate will then will be setup to meet with your fertility clinic to complete the final stages of the medical screening.
There is never a limit to how involved you can be. We know that intended parent(s) work or might live a distance from the surrogates home town. We find that most intended parents will attend as many appointments as times permits them.
Absolutely! In Florida they would follow the same laws as any married couple entering into a “Gestational Surrogate Agreement.” The Surrogate Mother has no legal rights to the child and cannot rescind and keep the baby. If it is a single individual or unmarried same-sex couple they would enter into the “Pre-Planned Adoption Agreement” whether one or none of the intended parents is genetically related to the child. If one is the genetic parent he/she would be named on the birth certificate. It is the partner in the agreement that would have to complete a home study and then a second parent adoption. The first parent would go through an adoption as well, but no home study.
All of our Surrogates have gone through several screening phases before we share their profile with potential intended parent(s). They have completed a current pap, infectious disease screening, national background check, and psychological evaluation. We also meet all of our surrogates in their own home. Just like our intended parent(s) we never rush a screening just to match a surrogate. We give all of the surrogates that work with us the time and support emotionally to know that she fully understand the commitment to a surrogate journey.
  • Be between the age of 21-42 years old
  • Must reside in a surrogate friendly state
  • Enjoyed your pregnancy!
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Have experienced a full-term pregnancy and delivery
  • Have given birth to a child of your own and raising that child
  • Have had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries
  • No more than 2 previous c-sections

Compensation packages vary based on many factors from experience, c-sections, employed. 

All funds due to the surrogate are held in by an attorney that controls the trust account and pays due to the surrogate directly throughout the journey.

The delivery occurs in the surrogate’s hometown, however, in very unique situations arrangements are made with the surrogate to travel for the birth to the intended parents’ hometown. Each surrogacy arrangement is tailored for the needs of both parties.’

No! Florida has legal statutes that protect you as the intended parent. Creative Love only works in the area of “gestational surrogacy”. Under a gestational surrogacy journey the surrogate mother is carrying an embryo with “no” genetic link to her. The gestational carrier enters into the arrangement knowing that the baby she will carry legally belongs to the intended parent(s).
Once your baby is born, your attorney will file the necessary petition and get an order from the court directing the Florida Department of Vital Statistics to amend your birth certificate.
Many women genuinely enjoy being pregnant. It is also a way for a surrogate mother to financially contribute to their own family while having an opportunity to help a wonderful couple or individual like yourself create a family.