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Important things to consider

Surrogacy does not have to be a complex process. It does involve many different avenues from the medical, legal, psychological, and emotional aspects, but with Creative Love we want you to understand all of these different avenues that are involved so that your surrogacy experience is a successful one. Working with an agency that is qualified and meets all of your expectations is important. Laying the foundation with open communication with the surrogate that you choose to work with is an important avenue to the success of your surrogacy journey.

Things to consider

There are many things that you should consider before beginning a surrogacy journey. We have compiled a list of different concerns that you should explore:

  • What are the important qualities when choosing your surrogate?
  • What type of relationship do you want with the surrogate during the surrogate process?
  • What type of relationship do you want with the surrogate after the birth?
  • Is the surrogates ethnicity or religion important to you?  Are you willing to work with a surrogate not based on these factors?
  • How involved do you want to be with the doctor appointments?
  • Is it important that your surrogate lives in your home state? Are you willing to work with a surrogate out of state?
  • How many cycles are you willing to do with a surrogate to achieve a successful pregnancy?
  • What are your feelings in regards to selective reduction in the case of multiples?
  • How do you feel about twins?
  • How do you feel about termination in case of birth defects?

Is surrogate parenting right for you?

Most intended parent(s) that turn to surrogacy have exhausted all avenues in their effort to carry a baby to term. Many intended mothers have uterine conditions that do not allow them to carry. Some have undergone a hysterectomy, cancer treatment and some have been born without the ability to carry ever. Surrogacy is also an ideal option for same-sex couples, and single intended fathers. Surrogacy is a viable choice for many. Adoption has been a common option for some, but the process can be overwhelming and often unsuccessful. Often intended parent(s) are never given a full health and psychological history of the birth mother or birth father leaving much uncertainty. The rewards of a surrogate birth allows the intended parent(s) to be involved in the pre-medical screening.

What is involved in achieving a successful surrogacy journey?

People say,” it takes a village to raise a child”. In surrogacy it takes a village to create a successful journey. What makes a surrogacy journey successful is having a well thought out plan from the start. It’s important that your fully educated on all the different levels involved. Knowing the surrogate laws in the state that your surrogate resides before entering into a legal contract is important. Working with professionals that are knowledgeable and experienced matters to the success from the reproductive endocrinologist, mental health professional, attorney, obstetrician, and hospital staff.

Are you emotionally prepared for a surrogacy journey?

It’s important before entering into a surrogate journey to be emotional committed. If you are an intended mother, are you OK with another women carrying your baby. It’s important that your at peace with this. All of the intended parent(s) that we work with are required to be cleared psychologically by a licensed health care provider specializing in reproductive health. It’s important that your prepared for uncertainties that can come along with a surrogacy journey from failed attempts, timing of the cycle, pregnancy complications. Working with a surrogate that you have good communication with upfront with both parties having an understanding of what expectations you have of each other helps in the journey being successful.

What exactly are the financial commitments?

The cost of a surrogacy journey can vary widely. It’s important to explore your options and educate yourself on all of the different fees involved. Cost between agencies can vary. During a journey unforeseen fees can present themselves outside of the standard cost. Learning about agency fees, surrogate compensation fees, legal fees, psychological fees, medical procedure, medication cost, and maternity coverage for the pregnancy and newborn insurance if you’re an international couple or individual will help you determine if a surrogacy journey is a possibility for you at the moment. We’ll sit down with you and help you financially prepare for a surrogacy journey with us.