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About Our Florida Egg Donor Program
Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency is a premier boutique agency located in Florida. It’s our goal at Creative Love to offer the intended parent(s) we work with a diverse group of egg donors that are attractive healthy women with huge hearts allowing you to select the right egg donor for your family building. We have many women apply to our program, but only accept the brightest and best women! Most of our egg donors are either college graduates, in college and some even have children of their own. It’s our goal for you to match with an egg donor that meets the specific characteristics you’re looking for such as race, religion, education and physical appearance or that special egg donor that you feel a connection with through like hobbies or interest. You’re probably wondering how to select an ideal egg donor. We’ve eliminated the specific search tools on our egg donor database for a good reason. We want you to take the time to look at each of our egg donor profiles. You’ll know when the feeling is right. The reason is you’ll find yourself gravitating back to that one special egg donor profile. Sign up to view our egg donor database from the comfort of your own home.
How to Get Started on Your Egg Donor Search

While our database is largely online, we are far from an online business. We provide a full-service, hands-on approach to the whole egg donation process. Before our donors are added to our donor database they have gone through a rigorous application process as well as an interview. Our program director is someone that has gone through the Egg Donation process on a personal level making it important to her that all of our donors are well educated on the whole Egg Donation Process. We only work with donors that are truly passionate and committed to the whole process. At any time of the day we are available to answer any specific questions you might have, provide you with additional information on specific donors, and offer suggestions as to other donors who might be of interest to you or a good match for your family. Please remember that we are here to assist you with additional recommendations and insight into potential donors that have chosen not to be added live on our donor database. It is not your responsibility to find a donor on our site- we are here to assist you with every step of the process. We take complete responsibility for finding you the donor that’s the best match for your family.

Growing Your Family with Egg Donation in Florida

Please take a moment to register to view our donor database. After your registration has been completed you will receive an e-mail from us right away. You will be assigned a username and password that will give you access to our donor database where you can review our donors and make a list of donors that you like. Your list not only gives us a starting point for contacting donors for their availability, but it also gives us a better idea of your donor preference. Within 24 hours of your registration you will also receive a phone call from one of our Donor Coordinator/Case Managers welcoming you to our agency. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions. Again, we thank you for your interest in our program and we look forward to assisting you in growing or expanding your family.