Florida Surrogate Compensation

Florida Surrogate Compensation

How will my compensation package be decided?

At Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency, we believe that surrogate mothers are nothing short of extraordinary. The selfless act of carrying a child for someone else is not just a gift; it’s a monumental, life-changing contribution that has far-reaching implications for generations to come. Being a surrogate mother is an emotionally rewarding experience, and it’s essential that this is met with equally significant financial acknowledgment. This is why we focus on offering a comprehensive and generous Florida surrogate compensation package to recognize your invaluable commitment. The compensation you’ll receive isn’t merely a fee; it’s a token of gratitude for the incredible gift you are providing to intended parents who dream of having a family.

The Florida surrogate compensation package is tailored to reflect the unique circumstances of each surrogacy arrangement. The fees listed in our Florida surrogate compensation guide serve as a general framework for both you, the surrogate mother, and the intended parents when drafting the legal contract that governs the surrogacy arrangement. These fees are adaptable, allowing for adjustments based on the specific terms and conditions agreed upon between all involved parties. Our dedicated team at Creative Love is always on hand to work closely with you and the intended parents to ensure that the legal agreement encapsulates a fair and just compensation plan that truly honors your commitment. In choosing to embark on this transformative journey with us, you are assured that your physical, emotional, and financial well-being are our highest priorities.

We Offer The Highest Surrogate Paid Compensation Package In Florida

We will handle all expenses, ensuring that you are never required to pay out of your own pocket for any costs. You will receive coverage for various expenses, including travel costs, net lost wages associated with medical clearance appointments, expenses related to embryo transfer day, and postpartum recovery expenses.

Our Florida surrogate compensation process will begin as an expression of our gratitude for your proactive approach in timely completing all your prescreening medical appointments before the embryo transfer. Your commitment to this process is truly appreciated, and we are delighted to acknowledge it by starting the compensation process.

Immediate Screening And Matching.
You’ll Get To Work With The OB/GYN Of Your Choice. We Want You To Have The Right Level Of Comfort Throughout Your Pregnancy!

Fees In Addition To Base Consideration

Base compensation begins at 8 weeks gestation and paid over 10 equal payments.

That means your last payment at birth would include two base payments.

 $55,000.00  – $70,000.00

Monthly Allowance Monthly expense allowance for miscellaneous costs (including local mileage under 80 miles round trip, local travel expenses, over the counter medications including pre-natal vitamins, telephone calls, other incidental reasonable expenses, childcare for appointments. This monthly allowance does not apply to lost wages of the surrogate or any related medical expenses such as co-pays).

$350.00 per month 12 months or longer

Start of Medication (start of Lupron)


Transfer Fee
Maternity Clothing Allowance (given at 12 weeks)
$1,000.00 Paid at 12 weeks gestation

Post Delivery

4 weeks vaginal delivery/6 weeks c-section

Gross Lost Wages

Life Insurance – A policy with the amount of $750,000 coverage will be provided for you

Agency enrolls surrogate mother in a policy
Psychological Support (as needed)
As needed

Other Fees/Reimbursement

Twin Pregnancy


Selective Reduction

 $4,000.00  – $6,000.00

Drop Cycle Fee


Invasive Procedure Fee (Amniocentesis, D&C, CVS, ERA, Etc.)
Termination for Medical Reasons

Loss of Reproductive Organ (fallopian tube, uterus)


Insurance policy pays directly to surrogate mother

Bed Rest Fee (doctor ordered. covers gross-lost-wages and/or childcare, housekeeping)

Pumping Breast Milk
$300.00 per week