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Our Philosophy

As one of the leading Florida surrogate agencies, Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency has been assisting and guiding couples and individuals throughout the United States, Europe, South American and Globally create families for over a decade. We are a premiere boutique surrogate agency located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that matches and facilitates Gestational Surrogacy and Egg Donation arrangements. We are committed to supporting both intended parent(s), surrogate mothers and egg donors throughout their journey with us. We’ll be by your side every step of the way! Our multilingual team is staffed to better assist and guide our international intended parent(s) in their native language from Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Hebrew.

As one of the leading Florida surrogate agencies, Creative Love offers unparalleled support to our intended parent(s) from matching them with an ideal surrogate mother, working with leading reproductive specialist, and assisting with each step of the process until a baby is born. Creative Love is a surrogate agency willing to work with anyone, regardless of their marital status, sexual orientation, or nationality.

Ethical and Honorable

Our goal is to guide Intended Parent(s), Egg Donors and Surrogate Mothers throughout the entire Surrogacy and or Egg Donation process. As one of the premier Florida surrogate agencies it is our goal to assist in matching Intended Parent(s) with Surrogate Mothers and Egg Donors. We work closely with leading Florida IVF clinics as well as IVF clinics throughout the United States to assist in facilitating a smooth and successful cycle between our Agency, the Intended Parent(s), and the IVF Clinic. Creative Love Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agency follows the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology guidelines for egg donation and egg donation compensation as well as the guidelines for surrogacy.

Personal Care

At our Florida surrogate agency, we strive to give a personal level of care to each and every one of our Intended Parent(s), Surrogate Mothers and Egg Donors. We believe that you will be most comfortable in knowing that from the moment you contact our agency to the completion of your journey you will be working directly with Wendy Arker, our Program Director, and one of our cycle coordinators (Analia Aretuo, Chantal Faber, Gia Garretti).  

Creative Love is committed to building personal relationships with our Intended Parent(s), Surrogate Mothers and Egg Donors. We work with professionals with over 20+ years of combined experience in the field of infertility, surrogacy and egg donation – from our psychologists to our legal advisers. We are educated professionals that are dedicated to educating and supporting you through your journey with us.

We Are Always Available

Whether you are ready to begin your journey into Egg Donation and or Surrogacy or are just exploring and would like to learn more from one of the well-respected Florida surrogate agencies, please know that at Creative Love we are always available to listen and help you in whatever decision you make. We are here to ensure that everyone that works with us shares the same personal care and loving experience.