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The Greatest Gift You Could Ever Give
Wanting to be an egg donor is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give someone. This gift you are about to give is a miracle waiting to happen. It is kindness beyond expression. Creative Love works with families that have infertility issues that have lead them to egg donation, same sex couples or individuals who cannot create their families without the assistance of an egg donor. The decision to become an egg donor is an important one, and not one to be made solely for financial gain. To become an egg donor you do not have to have children. Your Body Mass Index “must” be in line for your height and weight. Having undergone a tubal ligation or an abortion in the past does not interfere with you becoming an egg donor. What’s important is that you must be committed to the entire egg donation process and be able to demonstrate integrity and dependability throughout your egg donation cycle.
Creative Love Egg Donor Agency takes pride in the hands on personal level of care that we provide to our Intended Parents. We understand the emotional and financial toll infertility can have on a person firsthand. Creative Love is an agency that was completely started from the heart of its founder, Wendy Arker after years of her own struggle with infertility and finally turning to egg donation to create her own family. Creative Love is not a medical facility and cannot give out medical advice. We do not work with one particular IVF clinic. We have built wonderful relationships with many different clinics. If you have not yet found an IVF clinic to work with we can assist you to find a clinic that would be a perfect match for you. Creative Love is here to guide you, comfort you and educated you on the whole egg donation process. We know that life can be busy at times, but want you to know that we are available at any time for a free no cost phone consult. We are also more then happy to have you come to our office or we are more then happy to come to the comfort of your home to discuss, assist and educated you through your journey into egg donation.

Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency runs a comprehensive screening on all of our egg donor: 

  • Current Pap to rule out HPV
  • STD Testing
  • Psychological Evaluation including a metal health test, MMPI
  • Sema 4 Genetic Screening. Including a 283 panel genetic test 
  • Genetic Consult with a Genetic Counselor
  • Urine Drug Toxicology Screening 
  • Conformation of Academic Standing
  • Background Check 
  • Our personal service is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We care deeply for the intended parents, egg donors and surrogate mothers that we work with and we take full responsibility that your egg donor and/or surrogate cycle is well coordinated between all parties involved. We hold all funds in a client-attorney FDIC insured trust account. This is to avoid any misrepresentation of funds. Creative Love puts all of its donors and surrogates through a rigorous application process and interview before they are added to our donor database. Creative Love also offers a 100% agency fee rematch policy. If an intended parent(s) does not achieve a pregnancy for any reason Creative Love will rematch you with a new donor until a pregnancy is achieved at no additional agency fee. If the intended parent decide to be rematched then the intended parent(s) would be responsible for the new donors compensation, legal contracts, any medical testing requirements on the new donor and travel expenses if needed.Cr
  • The ability to experience pregnancy.
  • To be able to control the prenatal environment and health of the child.
  • To be the biological Mother.
All of our donors must be healthy and between the ages of 20 – 30. All of our donors must be enrolled in college or a college graduate. However, we do make exceptions and work with donors that have chosen to enter the workforce over college. All donors must have a normal body mass index, be a non-smoker and drug free. Creative Love follows the guidelines set in place by the FDA for donor screening. These guidelines are put in place to help reduce the risks of relevant communicable diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. All donors are subjected to genetic testing, medical and psychological testing. Once you have chosen your donor and signed a contract with Creative Love then your donor will begin by first completing her Day 3 tests. These tests include FSH, E2 , AMH and a transvaginal ultrasound and an antral follicle count. Once the donor has passed these tests then she is scheduled for her one day work-up at your clinic. The donors one day work up would include FDA testing, interview with the intended parent’s doctor, genetic screening, meeting with the donor team and medication class.

The donor will go through various screenings. The following is a list of different steps they go through. Some of the following steps can vary based on the clinic that you are working with.

  • Psychological Screening: The donor will have a consult in-person with a PhD. psychologist specializing in infertility. Included in the psychological consult is an assessment to determine if the egg donor has a full understanding of the long term emotional aspects involved in being an egg donor. The egg donor is given a test called, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory 2nd addition (MMPI-2). This test is a comprehensive and highly respected test that indicates the emotional and psychological stability of an individual. It consist of approximately 500 true and false questions. The psychologist will write a report and assessment stating whether or not a donor has been cleared to participate in an egg donor cycle. A copy of the report and a clearance letter will be forwarded to the intended parent’s IVF doctor. Any and all parts of the consult report are available to the intended parent(s) upon their request.
  • Genetic Screening: All donors are screened for Cystic Fibrosis, Fragile X and Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Additionally, certain testing is done based on the donors ethnicity. All Jewish donors will have a Jewish Heritage Panel completed. All of our donors meet with a genetic counselor to determine what specific testing may be warranted based on the donor’s genetic and health history.
  • Medical Screening: Most donors will have their one day work-up done at the intended parent(s) IVF clinic. If approved by the intended parent(s) and the intended parent(s) IVF clinic then Creative Love will make arrangements for the donor to be medically screened at a fertility center closer to where the donor resides. At the screening the IVF clinic will take a medical history, do all required FDA testing and an ultrasound of the donor’s ovaries to look at the resting antral follicles. The egg donor’s sexual partner must also be screened for sexually transmitted diseases.
It is used to protect all parties involved in the donating process. For both parties to understand their legal rights with regards to both the donation process and as to any child resulting from the donation. Yes, while the laws do vary from state to state, overall it is extremely clear that children born as a result of egg donation legally belong to the persons receiving the donated eggs. Egg donors have absolutely no parental rights or responsibility for the future welfare of the children.
Yes! All of our donors that live in South Florida we do meet with in person. For our donors that live across the United States and abroad we do webcam conferences, Skype or I- chat. So, yes we do have some type of in-person interview.
You are entitled to all of the information that we have regarding your donor. We will give you a complete copy of her application, her medical and psychological results and genetic screening. We will also give you a clear picture that the donor has uploaded to her profile. If you feel like you would like more pictures of the donor at different phases of her life we can request those for you including parents, grandparents and siblings
When you chose your donor and decide if you would like to exchange names and phone numbers, then you have what is called an Open Donation. If you choose to have a completely anonymous cycle then you will only know each other by identification numbers, first names or initials if you chose to meet each other Creative Love will assist you in bringing both parties together.
Absolutely! We strongly believe that having a child is a right to each of us. We are committed to helping all recipients realize their dreams of starting a family.
We feel that every intended parent should take their time in selecting the donor that is the right fit for their family. We will place up to 2 donors on hold that you are interested in for 3 days with no retainer contract involved.

Typically the whole egg donation process takes 3- 6 months from your selection of your donor until the retrieval. However, every clinic varies in their egg donor cycle protocols.

On occasion a donor does not respond to the medication that is given to stimulate the ovaries. The cycle is then cancelled and the donor is paid a $500.00 thank you gift from the original donor compensation fee that was agreed. The remainder of the donor compensation fee is returned to the intended parents if you chose to not cycle again with Creative Love Egg Donor Agency.