How much do surrogates get compensated?

Surrogate Compensation

Base Consideration

The fees listed below do adjust depending upon the circumstances of the legal agreement between the intended parent(s) and surrogate mother. The fees listed below are offered as a general guidline to the intended parent and their surrogate mother when drafting a legal contract between parties. The agency cannot and does not warrant the final financial agreement between the intended parent(s) and surrogate mother.

Surrogates receive paid compensation depending on factors including the type of pregnancy and the number of previous pregnancies (surrogate mother experience).

Fees in addition to base consideration

Monthly Allowance Monthly expense allowance for miscellaneous costs (including local mileage under 80 miles round trip, local travel expenses, over the counter medications including pre-natal vitamins, telephone calls, other incidental reasonable expenses, childcare for appointments. This monthly allowance does not apply to lost wages of the surrogate or any related medical expenses such as co-pays).

$200 per month for 12 months

Start of Medication (start of Lupron)


Transfer Fee


Maternity Clothing Allowance (given at 12 weeks)


Post Delivery


Life Insurance – A policy with the amount of $250,000 coverage will be provided for you

Psychological Support (as needed)

Other Fees/Reimbursement

Twin Pregnancy


Selective Reduction




Drop Cycle Fee


Invasive Procedure Fee (Amniocentesis, D&C, CVS Etc.)


Termination for Medical Reasons


Loss of Reproductive Organ (fallopian tube, uterus)

Bed Rest Fee (doctor ordered. covers childcare, housekeeping)

Lost Wages for Surrogate – Due to doctor ordered bed rest, for child birth computed according to the Surrogate’s confirmable net lost wages