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Beginner’s Guide to Donating Eggs

Beginner’s Guide to Donating Eggs: If you’ve ever thought “I want to donate my eggs”, this article is for you. Deciding to donate eggs is a big deal–for you and or the recipients of your eggs. For you, it means some extra money in your bank account. Maybe you can pay off an old college loan, or pay down a credit card or car note. Even better, imagine how you’ll feel in the future when you look back on your life and realize you’ve helped create a baby–an actual person! You’ll be helping wives and husbands become mothers and fathers. How many people can say they’ve helped other people so intimately and so much? Not many.

For the recipients, your decision means they can finally build the family they’ve been dreaming of. Think of the holidays, birthday parties and graduations they’ll get to celebrate because of the choice you made.

Becoming an egg donor also requires taking on extra responsibilities. You’ll have to attend numerous appointments with your egg donor program, with lawyers, psychologists, and the fertility doctors you’ll be working with. You’ll have to take fertility drugs that can have side effects. And at the end of the process, you’ll undergo a minor surgery, the egg harvesting procedure.

This egg donor guide contains everything you need to know before donating your eggs. Each article is filled with tips and advice to help you make the most of your experience, both financially and personally.

Payment and Compensation Issues

Here are two articles that explain the nitty gritty details of egg donor compensation. You’ll learn about the laws regulating compensation, how much money you can make, when you’ll get paid, and how to file your taxes correctly.

1. How Much Money Can an Egg Donor Make?

2. Egg Donor Compensation FAQ

The Egg Donation Process and Procedure in Detail

Here are six articles that teach you about the egg donation process and procedure. You’ll learn some of the history of ovum donation, what agencies usually ask about on applications, and some of the health risks you could run into.

1. 25 Reasons to Donate Your Eggs

2. How to Become an Egg Donor

3. Step by Step Procedures Used in Egg Donation, Part 1

4. Step by Step Procedures Used in Egg Donation, Part 2

5. Egg Donation Risks Every Donor Should Know About

6. Quiz – Test Your Knowledge of Egg Donation

Find the Best Egg Donation Opportunities

Here are three resources to find the best, highest-paying places to donate your eggs.

1. Browse the Egg Donation Ads on Fertility Nation Classifieds

2. Place a Classified Ad with Your Profile on Fertility Nation Classifieds

3.Locate Egg Donor Programs and Fertility Clinics in Your City

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions of first-time egg donors. Got a question not listed here? Shoot us an email and we’ll answer it!

1. What are the Requirements of Becoming an Egg Donor?

2. Does Donating Eggs Hurt?

3. Can I Donate Eggs if I Have Been Diagnosed with HPV?

4. What BMI (Body Mass Index) Do I Need to Donate Eggs?

5. Will Donating Eggs Make Me Infertile?

6. Why Can’t I Have Sex if I Donate Eggs?