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Can I Be A Surrogate If I Receive Government Assistant?

As listed in our tab “requirements for becoming a surrogate in order to qualify as a gestational carrier you must be financially secure. While you may otherwise be the perfect potential candidate, if you receive any form of government assistance you will not qualify to be a surrogate mother. The reason for this is quite simple. When you receive any form of government assistance you are required to report any change in your income. While your act of kindness in carrying a child for another couple is absolutely priceless and precious there is a substantial compensation for your services. The base compensation, additional fees granted, and reimbursements are likely to make you ineligible for any benefits you may currently receive. To not report these funds would be considered fraud against the Federal Government.

Subsequently Medicaid is not a valid form of insurance for any health care expenses related to a surrogate pregnancy. Medicaid is insurance made available only to individuals that live beneath a set income level of the lower socio-economic monthly allotted compensation from it. Due to the nature of the trust it is not necessary to file a 1099 form. However, it remains fact that any persons receiving government assistance must report any form of earned income, regardless if taxed or not. In short, it is essentially based on the honor system. While this may seem a tempting and viable loophole, to disguise the use of a surrogate and receive prenatal care through government assistance is referred to as “state funded surrogacy;” a misuse of the good intentions behind benefits and services provided to low income women, and considered fraud under the eyes of the law. To commit this deceitful act is considered both ethically wrong and illegal. Any persons caught attempting or succeeding in doing so will face legal consequences for insurance fraud of the Federal Government; this includes not only the surrogate but the intended parents who knowledgeably conspired in this activity.

It is important to highlight, however, that receiving government assistance will not permanently disqualify you from ever becoming a surrogate. We understand that unfortunate hardships can fall upon anyone at any stage of life. Once a woman and her family (children and spouse, if applicable) have established steady financial ground and no longer utilize any form of government funding we encourage her to consider applying as a potential gestational surrogate carrier. We look forward to inviting qualifying women of all walks of life, regardless of their financial past, into our surrogate family at Creative Love, egg donor and surrogate agency. status bracket. Given that these individuals qualify for financial need based assistance, the federal government provides health insurance coverage at no cost to those who qualify or at the very least, a considerably low subsidized rate. If accept Medicaid insurance, even if you do not receive any other form of government financial help, you will not qualify to be a surrogate.

The current practice of surrogacy compensation arrangements falls under a slight gray area of tax law. An attorney heal trust account will be established for the surrogate. The intended parents fund the account and the surrogate will receive her