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Can I Become an Egg Donor if I Just Had a Baby?

One question we get asked by those looking to become an egg donor is if they can become an egg donor having had just given birth. In today’s blog we will cover this topic and discuss the timeline surrounding giving birth and becoming an egg donor.

Can I become an egg donor right after having a baby?

The simple answer to this question is no, if you just had a baby, you would not be able to donate your eggs as an egg donor. The reason for this is in order to become an egg donor you must first fully recover from giving birth and also have at least three menstrual cycles.

With that said, for those interested in becoming an egg donor you can get the process started before you have reached three menstrual cycles by applying to become an egg donor. Since the egg donor process starts with the application, this allows you to start the process early so by the time your body is ready, you may already be matched with an intended parent(s).

Can I be an egg donor if I am breastfeeding my baby?

In addition to needing to be fully recovered from giving birth and having had three menstrual cycles, you will also need to have stopped breastfeeding before beginning the egg donation process. Among other things this requirement is in place as, by starting the egg donation process, you will be taking a variety of egg donor medications that should not be taken if you are still breastfeeding. This is to help both you and your baby.

Is it common for an egg donor to have children of their own?

Yes! Many egg donors already have children of their own. In fact, a common reason women become egg donors is that they have already experienced the miracle of having a baby and they would like to share that miracle with others who may not be as fortunate.

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor but have other questions about the process or egg donor requirements, we welcome you to read our FAQ section. Here you can learn more about the process and determine if becoming an egg donor is right for you.