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Can Same-Sex Couples Or Individuals Enter Into A Surrogate Journey In Florida?

Are you a gay couple or individual looking to create a family in Florida. For a long time there has been a misconception that surrogacy for same-sex couples was obsolete in Florida driving many gay couples to California. That is very far from the truth. Florida is a “Gay Friendly” state that allows same-sex couples to complete a surrogate journey that is more cost effective then traveling to California where you can expect to pay upwards of $125,000.000. Creative Love has a large following in the gay community having worked with many gay couples and individuals to create their family. We have teamed up with leading IVF clinics allowing us to better guide our clients at a affordable expense and with great success.

In Florida a gay couple or individual falls under Florida Statue 63.213. This is a Pre-planned adoption agreement that is enforceable in Florida. Intended parents first questions is, “am I adopting back my own biological child”. In a round about way yes you are. We promise it’s not as complicated at all to complete. When only one partner is using his genetics to create the embryo then it is only the genetic father that enters into the pre-planned adoption agreement. Being that he is the genetic father there is no need for a home study. In order for his partner to be named on the birth certificate then the partner would have to take several extra steps similar to a traditional adoption including a home study, finger printing and criminal background check. In 2013 the statue was amended with a change in the language. This language change better protects a gay couple interested in entering into a gestational surrogate journey. In a gestational surrogate journey the surrogate mother has no genetic connection to the baby that she is carrying. For this reason she cannot rescind and claim the child as her own better protecting a gay couple. In a traditional surrogacy journey the surrogate mother is not only carrying a baby for a gay couple, but also is using her own egg to create the baby. Traditional surrogacy can become complicated as the surrogate mother can possibly rescind and claim the child as her own. Creative Love only works in the area of gestational surrogacy.

In a same-sex surrogate journey many areas of planning the journey need to be defined before starting. It is very common for a same-sex couples when using an egg donor to create embryos from both partners allowing them to transfer one embryo from each partner. This gives them the hope that each partner will have a biological connection to a child. In the end each partner would go through a second parent adoption allowing each others name to be placed on the birth certificate. It is important for gay couples to always complete a second parent adoption for the non-biological parent. This is the only way for a non-biological parent to obtain legal rights to the child in Florida. It is important to always work with an attorney that is well versed and knowledgeable in gay surrogacy. Creative Love only works with senior attorneys that have successfully completed many second parent adoptions in Florida. We welcome all inquires and look forward to starting your journey with us.