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Requirements for Surrogate Mothers - Surrogacy and Egg Donor Services

Do you get paid to be a surrogate mother in Florida?

Do you get paid to be a surrogate in Florida?  Yes, if you qualify, if you are accepted and if intended parents negotiate an agreement, you get paid to be a surrogate mother in Florida.

More than most, Florida is a surrogate friendly state.  That means that surrogacy is not only permitted, but there is a legal framework to protect everyone involved.

This is not the case in all states.  In Arizona, a surrogacy contract is void.

In New York, you can be fined for entering into a surrogacy contract.

In Michigan, a surrogacy contract could land you in jail.

In Florida, you get paid to be a surrogate mother. This is called commercial surrogacy.  There are limits to what you can be paid.  One cannot just auction off one’s body to the highest bidder and get filthy rich being a surrogate mother.

Nor can somebody coerce you into taking a token fee for performing what is a fairly significant service.

But first you have to qualify.  That means that you must be a resident of a surrogate friendly state, such as Florida.

Second, you must be an experienced mom already.  In fact, all your previous pregnancies must have been successful.  They must all have ended in a full-term, live birth. You must have fully enjoyed each pregnancy.

But too much experience is not allowed.  You must have had no more than four pregnancies and no more than two C-sections.

We will also verify a few other things:

  • your citizenship
  • your mental fitness
  • your physical fitness
  • your financial fitness
  • your BMI measurement
  • your current family situation
  • your criminal record (which hopefully we will not find)

If you qualify, we’ll be pleased to start working with you.  And if we match you with intended parents, you will be paid.

The State of Florida has guidelines that must be followed, and that includes what you can be paid. Here are the rates we offer to potential surrogate mothers, all within the legal guidelines of the State of Florida.

We offer a base pay of $25,000 to new surrogates, and $30,000 or more to experienced surrogates. In addition to that, you will be paid:

  • a $200 per month allowance for incidental expenses, such as travel, phone calls, child care while at appointments, parking at appointments, etc. (not so much a payment as a deferment of costs)
  • a $500 fee for the start of medication
  • a $500 transfer fee, for the transfer of the embryo
  • an $800 allowance for maternity clothes at the 12-week mark (also not so much a payment as a deferment of costs)
  • an $800 post delivery fee, sort of like a parting gift
  • additional payments for pumping your breast milk

These are the main amounts you can expect to get paid to be a surrogate mother in Florida.  There are some additional payments that might happen in exceptional circumstances, such as if you give birth to twins or lose a reproductive organ as a result of the surrogacy.  However, those are pretty rare.