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Egg Donor Fee Schedule - Surrogacy and Egg Donor Agency

Egg Donor Fee Schedule

Creative Love Agency Fee  – $8,000.00 (All Inclusive)

Once you select a donor with us and before signing a retainer agreement, Creative Love will send the donor for her AMH Test at the expense of the agency. If your clinic does not offer the Counsyl Genetic Testing Creative Love will provide it for you at the expense of the agency. This is a simple DNA test that is completed before moving forward with your egg donor. This test can screen for birth defects associated with over 100 genetic diseases. 

Our Agency Fee Includes : Agency Fee, Donor Insurance, Donor Psychological Evaluation MMPl-2 or PIA, Legal Contract With Separate Legal Representation For Both The Intended Parent(s) And Egg Donor. 

We never charge a consultation fee for intended parents. Intended parents can meet with us and/or speak with us directly. We never charge a registration fee to view our donor database. Our international intended parents are never charged an additional fee for anything.

Agency Fee Schedule:


Non-refundable Agency Retainer Fee: $500.00 (this is due upon agreement on selected donor)
  • Your donor is placed “on hold”.
  • Initial Medical Screening scheduled to ensure the donor is able to donate – FSH,E2 and Transvaginal Ultrasound (these test fees are included in your IVF/ED package at your clinic). These test are typically completed on Day 2 or 3 of the donor’s cycle.
  • Drug/Nicotine Testing (completed on Day 2/3 of the donor’s testing at your clinic).
  • Criminal Background Test (if requested by intended parent(s)).
  • Once your donor has completed her Day 2/3 testing and before her one day work-up appointment the remaining balance is due.
Creative Love Egg Donor Agency Fee includes the following:
  • Matching service.
  • Cycle Coordination.
  • Trust Fund Management of all fees.
  • Travel Arrangements if necessary.
  • Donor Psychological evaluation, MMPI-2 or PIA.
  • Genetic Evaluation (performed by genetic counselor).
  • AMH Testing – Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test.
  • New Life Insurance (Cycle Medical Insurance Policy).


  • This is a Donor Mandatory Accidental Health Insurance – The policy coverage includes (1) $250,000 medical coverage for the Donor in the unlikely event that she experiences medical complication (such as Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome ) as a result of the Egg Donation procedure; (2) $100,000 life insurance policy and $25,000 travel accidental death benefit.
  • Legal Counsel for Egg Donor.
  • Legal Counsel for Intended Parent.
  • We will make arrangements for the donor to be represented by an attorney with experience in reproductive law.  The Egg Donor’s attorney is the reviewing attorney and will review and explain the contract with the egg donor prior to her signing it.
  • Creative Love will work directly with your RE office to ensure that the coordination of your cycle with the donor is running smoothly.

Additional Fees (Not Included in our Agency Fee)

Egg Donor Fee


Creative Love Egg Donor Agency, LLC has signed an agreement with the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) that states that we will abide by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Ethics Committee Guidelines governing the payment of egg donors. The guidelines pertaining to appropriate donor compensation specifically state: “Total payments to donors in excess of $5,000 require justification and sums above $10,000 are not appropriate.” Donors will not be compensated over $10,000 under any circumstance.

Travel Expenses (if applicable) – $2,500 – $3,000 Estimated Travel

These costs will be determined by us. We will always look for the best prices for your donor’s airfare, rental car, and hotel accommodations while traveling. Donor’s per diem is $50/day while traveling alone and $100/day when traveling with a companion. All travel expenses will be charged to your credit card that we have on file. No charges will be made until we have talked to you and have received written authorization. You are responsible for the Donor’s per diem fees.

Monitoring Expenses (if applicable) – $2,500-$3,000 Estimated Monitoring

If your donor is not located within reasonable traveling distance from your physicians, she will be monitored at an assisted reproduction facility near her home.  We will recommend the facility and clear it with your physician, who will also communicate with the facility.  You will pay the fees directly to the facility via credit card or other arrangement.

Miscellaneous Expenses

$500.00 – Maximum allowance for childcare and lost wages (Only necessary if applicable and evaluated on a case-by-case basis).

$500.00 – Miscellaneous cycle expenses. These funds are held in trust for an emergency such as last minute testing, mileage and Fed-Ex.  Any unused funds are returned to you upon completion of your cycle.

For Donors that do not travel for a cycle (IN STATE) they may be reimbursed for the following:
  • Mileage/Gas – only if a donor has to travel 75 miles one way to a clinic.
 Notes on payment schedule
  • Please note that the $500.00 Retainer Fee is due to retain us once you have selected the donor you wish to work with.
  • Once your match is official and your Donor has passed all of the screening the remaining agency fee will be due ($7,50.00).
  • The Donor’s compensation must be submitted to the Client-Attorney trust account to be held 5 DAYS prior to the Donor starting medication.
  • You also must submit all miscellaneous expenses for childcare and lost wages as well as emergencies funds for last minute testing and mileage to be held in the Client- Attorney trust account (this is a case-by-case circumstance).
  • All unused funds will be returned to you within 7 days of embryo transfer.
  • Creative Love accepts cash. Checks and money transfers as form of payments.
  • Please note that you will receive a more detailed cost estimate specific to your cycle once your match is official and we have received your doctor’s instructions for the cycle.
Special Notes
  • If the RE cancels the donor cycle before retrieval due to poor response, we’ll match you with a new donor.
  •   The donor will  be compensated $500.00 as a compensation of gratitude. If you chose to work with a new donor we will wave the agency fee.  You will still be responsible for the new donor’s compensation, all testing and legal contract.
  • If you complete an egg donor cycle and do not achieve a pregnancy for any reason Creative Love will rematch you with a new donor until a pregnancy is achieved and waive the agency fee.  You will still be responsible for the new donor’s compensation, all testing, legal contract (reduced legal fees),  travel and monitoring if it applies to your new cycle.

IVF and medication costs are not included in this fee schedule. Consult your clinic/physician for an estimate of these costs.