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Types of Donations

About Our Agency

Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency is a warm and caring agency located in Florida. We thank you for considering us for your surrogate parenting needs. Surrogacy can be a complex process to navigate on your own from the medical, legal, psychological, and emotional aspect. However, surrogacy is an exciting and fulfilling option to create or expand your family. Surrogacy allows you to be a proactive participant in the pregnancy from the very beginning. Whether you're from the United State or from around the globe we welcome international intended parents to our agency.

Types of Egg Donation Cycles


In an anonymous donation, the intended parents and donor never meet, speak, or exchange identifying information. The donor is given a code which will serve as her name and the intended parents will call the donor by this. Intended parents may offer a brief information page to the donor so that she feels comfortable with the couple that she is donating to, but this is up to the intended parents and is not always done. There will be no contact between the intended parents and the donor in this type of arrangement.


In a semi-anonymous donation, the intended parents and donor will be given each others first names. Last names will be kept anonymous. If intended parents would like, a phone conversation may be set up with the donor which will be coordinated by the agency so that neither party’s phone number will be given out. Also, email communication can be facilitated through the agency so that both parties can communicate with one another without revealing their personal email address. This is an option that we can work out if desired.


In an open donation, the intended parents and donor’s identity will be revealed to one another. They may choose to have a meeting in person, have a phone conversation with their donor or have communication directly via email. This is arranged on a case by case basis.