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Consider Becoming a Surrogate Mother - Surrogacy and Egg Donor Services

Have you ever thought of being a surrogate mother?

“Have you ever thought about being a surrogate mother?” It’s not the kind of question you get every day, and you would most likely answer “No.”

But the question might also make you think. Why do some people choose to be surrogate mothers?

Probably the most common reason is for a rewarding, nurturing experience. Most women have a natural instinct to create life and to nurture. If you enjoyed a pregnancy, there’s a good chance you would love to experience it again.

To be sure, that urge usually leads to conventional motherhood. Indeed, conventional motherhood is a requirement to become a surrogate.

But not everybody wants conventional motherhood again, even if they do want to feel pregnancy again. There are costs. There are  sacrifices. Motherhood is a lifelong commitment, and you’ve already made that commitment to one or two children.

Surrogate motherhood has much fewer costs, and even earns the surrogate a reasonable income. Instead of draining the finances you need for your first child, surrogacy allows you to earn extra income that even could be used for his or her college tuition.

There are some sacrifices with surrogate motherhood, of course, but those are minimal and they are temporary. There is the time. There is the requirement to go through testing and hormones and all the restrictions that any pregnancy requires.

And when the experience is over, there is no further commitment. You have created life. You have nurtured a new, adorable, wonderful human being. But you can turn your full attention back to your own child or children, without the further distraction that bringing up another baby would entail.

There’s another reason to consider being a surrogate mother, and it is related to the drive to create and nurture.

At some point, perhaps often, you might have wondered how you can make the world a better place, how you can help people less fortunate than you.

The gift of motherhood is one thing you are uniquely qualified to give.

You are fortunate. You have a child. You are a mother.

There are over 6 million women in the United States who are not so fortunate. Over 6 million women who would like to be mothers, who are trying to be mothers…but who can’t. It’s a very sad situation.

You can’t help all 6 million women.

But you can help one, or two or maybe even three women discover the joy of motherhood that you are experiencing right now.  Imagine how beautiful the world would be if every mother would offer her womb to help another woman share the joy of motherhood.

So, there are some huge benefits to being a surrogate mother.

You get experience pregnancy again.

You get paid to do so.

You get to share the joy of motherhood with someone less fortunate, and there is no feeling like the feeling of having made a difference in somebody’s life.

And at the end of the day, you have not added a burden to your already significant commitments.

So, now will you think about becoming a surrogate mother?