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How Many Professionals Are Involved To Create A Successful Florida Surrogate Journey

It truly does take a village to create a successful surrogate journey. First, it’s important to work with a surrogate agency that you feel most comfortable with and have a connection with. Your relationship with the agency that you work with should be a relationship that is based on a full understanding of each others expectations and trust. Your agency is your first line of communication with you, your clinic and surrogate. They are your liaison that will work very closely with you from the very start. They will guide you from inception to conception.

At Creative Love we take the time to get to know you. We also want you to take the time to know us! Creating a surrogate journey should never be rushed. If you have not selected a clinic to work with we will help guide you to the right clinic. It’s important to select a fertility clinic that meets all of your requirements and expectations, but most importantly has great success rates. Florida is home to over 40 fertility clinics. Many of the fertility clinics in Florida are recognized as home to leading reproductive endocrinologist in the country.

Being introduced to a wonderful surrogate located right here in Florida is instrumental in building a successful village. This wonderful women will be joining you on one of the most important journeys of your life. At Creative Love we will sit down and assist you in writing an intended parent profile that we can share with potential surrogates. This important bio just better helps us in our matching process with our surrogate mothers. Once you have officially matched with a surrogate we will then move onto your psychological evaluation. It’s important as an intended parent to go through a psychological session. During this get together with a licensed psychologist you will discuss many important emotions involved in a surrogate journey. While your completing your psychological evaluation your surrogate is being medical cleared by your fertility clinic. If your journey also includes an egg donor at this time your egg donor would be on her way to being medically cleared too.

Our next step to growing your village is creating a comprehensive legally bound contract that protects your parental rights. In Florida we have legal statute that help protect your rights during a surrogate journey whether it’s a gestational surrogate agreement or a pre-planned adoption agreement. Creative Love only works with senior attorneys that have many years of experience in drafting a surrogate agreement as well as all court proceedings. You as the intended parent will have separate legal representation from the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother will have an attorney that will represent her during the contract phase so that she has a full and clear understanding of her legal rights. Once the contract has been signed by all parties we can moved onto the medical phase of the journey. With confirmation of a positive pregnancy your next step would be opening an escrow account with an attorney or escrow company. The escrow account is funded by you throughout the journey to pay the surrogate in accordance with the legal contract. Having an escrow account prevents any potential conflict with the agency and the surrogate.

Now that you have built a successful surrogate journey you can see the commitment that is involved. It truly does take a village. From the agency,surrogate mother, egg or sperm donor if needed, fertility clinic, psychologist, legal attorneys, and escrow company. Making sure that everyone’s part is timed right will help elevate any unnecessary stress during the journey. Creative Love is here to guide you every step of the way.