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Finding an Exceptional Surrogate Mother for Egg Donor

How to Find an Amazing Surrogate Mother

Surrogate mothers are amazing people. They give of themselves so that others can find joy. And what they give is intimate beyond any other gift imaginable. It’s hard to find a rotten apple in the bunch.

Still, if you are looking for a surrogate mother, you are probably among the most choosy people in the world. You’ll want not just an amazing surrogate, but a truly, completely, over-the-top amazing surrogate.

Let’s face it, by the time you reach the decision to find a surrogate, you’ve probably been through a lot of attempts to get pregnant, or you’re in a same-sex relationship. By the time you reach this stage and have invested this much of yourself in the decision to contact a surrogacy agency, you won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Neither will we.

We have set some pretty high standards for the surrogate mothers we work with. Not just any woman will do, and we unfortunately have to reject many who apply. Indeed, our above-average standards dissuade many from applying in the first place.

One of the first things we look for in any surrogate is that she enjoyed all her previous pregnancies. That is a tell-tale sign of how amazing the woman will be carrying your baby.

Obviously, we look at the official record of how many pregnancies and C-sections she has had and whether there were any complications during the pregnancy or at the delivery. And we insist that all previous pregnancies were carried to term without any complications. Complications in the past could be a sign of issues in the future, and you don’t want issues when the surrogate is carrying your baby, especially if you’ve already been through a few rounds of issues just trying to get pregnant.

Just as obviously, we look for a healthy woman to carry your baby. We look at her weight, if she ever was a smoker, how well she eats, how well she manages stress and her record of chronic and other diseases. We also look at her psychological profile, to make sure that you have a stable and predictable carrier.

This might surprise you, but we don’t just look at the woman. We also look at her situation. For example, we review her financial status. A woman preoccupied about defaulting on her mortgage or having to work two jobs well into the pregnancy to keep paying for food is a risky candidate. We work only with stable surrogates, and that includes finances.

It also includes living circumstances. A woman planning a move or with a lease coming due is not the ideal candidate, although she might be perfect a few months later.

The most important part of a woman’s situation is her support system. We want a woman with a strong support system. Ideally, that means an encouraging partner, as well as several other friends and relatives ready to support her surrogate journey.

Our job is to help you find an amazing surrogate. Talk to us about what other criteria you might have, and we’ll match you with the ideal surrogate for your needs. https://cledp.com