Miami Beach Surrogacy

Surrogacy in Miami Beach and Surrounding Areas

If you’re in search of a Miami Beach surrogacy agency, whether as an intended parent or a surrogate mother, Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency stands as a reliable and compassionate choice. Specializing in a full range of surrogacy services, we are committed to guiding you every step of the way. Creative Love is a leading surrogacy agency based in Florida, but our reach extends beyond state borders, providing assistance to both intended parents and surrogate mothers in Miami Beach, across Florida, and throughout the United States.

What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach to surrogacy. At Creative Love, we don’t just match surrogates with intended parents; we are invested in the entire surrogacy journey. From initial consultation and medical screenings to legal procedures and emotional support, we offer a complete suite of services designed to make the process as smooth as possible for all parties involved.

Choosing Creative Love means aligning yourself with an agency that upholds the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and support. Our experienced team provides personalized guidance to intended parents and surrogate mothers, ensuring that your journey in expanding or helping to create a family is well-coordinated, secure, and fulfilling. Your dream of parenthood or your desire to help others in this most meaningful way deserves nothing less than our full attention and expertise.

Miami Beach Surrogacy

Starting a family in Miami Beach offers several advantages. The city is renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and diverse community, providing a lively yet relaxed environment for raising children. Moreover, Miami Beach offers top-notch healthcare facilities, schools, and countless family-friendly activities and parks, ensuring that your family’s educational, health, and recreational needs are well taken care of.

Another great thing about Miami Beach is its welcoming community. Here, you’ll find a diverse blend of cultures, creating a rich tapestry of experiences for your children to learn from. Whether it’s participating in local events, enjoying a day at the beach, or simply taking a stroll around the city’s art deco streets, there’s no shortage of enriching family activities.

When it comes to surrogacy, Miami Beach is also an excellent choice. Located in the surrogacy-friendly state of Florida, laws here are more conducive to both intended parents and surrogates, making the process relatively straightforward. Florida’s supportive legal framework for surrogacy agreements simplifies the journey to parenthood, giving you peace of mind as you grow your family.

Becoming a Surrogate in Miami Beach, Florida

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother, Miami Beach is a fantastic place to start this journey, and Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency is your ideal partner. As an internationally recognized leader in the field of surrogacy, based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we offer comprehensive support and guidance to surrogate mothers not only in Miami Beach but also throughout the state of Florida.

Becoming a surrogate is a generous act that brings the joy of parenthood to those who might not be able to achieve it otherwise. It’s a mutually enriching experience, offering emotional and financial rewards to the surrogate. At Creative Love, we make sure that you are well-informed, comfortable, and supported throughout this important journey.

Look no further than Creative Love if you’re in search of a Miami Beach surrogacy agency. With our seasoned expertise, personalized care, and thorough understanding of surrogacy laws and procedures, we stand ready to assist you at every step. We are committed to making your experience as a surrogate mother as fulfilling and smooth as possible, upholding the highest standards of professionalism and care throughout your surrogacy journey.

Why Should I Become a Surrogate in Miami Beach?

I’m interested in Surrogacy because I:
  • Have a strong desire to help those who can’t have a family of their own. I’m compassionate & empathetic and want to do something important.
  • Really love being pregnant – I’m one of those women who are blessed with this natural strength and I want
    to give back
  • Am a mom who lives to bring joy to others.
  • Value family, connection, community.
  • Am worthy. I love providing for my own family while also providing for others.
Smiling surrogate mother with intended parent(s) in Florida.

Gestational Surrogacy is when the surrogate mother has no biological relationship to the child that she is carrying. In this type of surrogacy, the surrogate becomes pregnant through IVF.

Surrogacy compensation generally starts at $60,000+ and goes up from there depending on a variety of factors.

We work to match our surrogates and intended parent/s based on similar values and personalities. Once we feel we have a match we will share a non-identifying profile of the surrogate and the intended parent/s to each other. If both parties feel there is a potential match, we will schedule an in-person visit or virtual meeting between the surrogate and intended parent/s.  

No, you must have given birth to at least one child and you must currently be raising that child. One of the reasons for this is you must be able to show fertility along with your OB/GYN medical records.

Yes. At Creative Love we require all surrogate mothers to be between the ages of 21 to 40 years old.

The average match time at our surrogacy agency is 30 days though it can be more or less depending on the circumstances.

No. Creative Love only works with gestational carriers which means you will be using the eggs of either a chosen egg donor or the intended mother.

Absolutely! As long as your OB has no medical misconducts against them, and they accept the insurance presented to them. 

Our surrogates become pregnant through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) where an embryo is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus.

It is possible. This decision will be made by a fertility doctor. They will have to review your past medical records to determine if you would be a good candidate for surrogacy.

Being that science is so advanced and continues to evolve into higher success rates, it is common that a single embryo will be transferred.

No, you do not have to be married to become a surrogate mother.  We welcome many single mothers to our agency.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine sets guidelines that the fertility clinics follow. These are not laws, but guidelines for the safety and health of the surrogate mother and the baby she is carrying.  Typically, this would limit overall pregnancies to 6 or less.

Yes! Following the preliminary match of you and the intended parents we will arrange an in-person meeting (at our office) or virtual meeting, depending on location.

No. We will make sure that a proper insurance policy is purchased for you on your behalf covering the pregnancy, delivery and recovery. If you have your own insurance policy, we will verify to ensure that it is surrogate friendly.

You would have to have stopped for a minimum of two consecutive menstrual cycles to proceed to the clinical medical screening. 

Surrogate Mother Requirements:

  • Be between the age of 21-40 years old
  • Must reside in a surrogate-friendly state
  • Enjoyed your pregnancy!
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Have experienced a full-term pregnancy and delivery
  • You have not deliveries prior to 35 weeks (unless they were twins or more)
  • Have given birth to a child of your own and raising that child
  • Have had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries
  • No more than 2 previous c-sections
  • No more than 4 or more pregnancies
  • Provide medical records from OB/GYN for last 7 years of pregnancies and clearance letter approving you as a surrogate
  • Be height-weight proportionate (BMI must be under 32)
  • You must have a stable residence and lifestyle. Not be planning to move out of  the state, from the time you submit your application until after the delivery of the child
  • Have the support of your spouse, partner , friends, or family members.
  • Be willing to adhere to all contractual obligations throughout the process
  • You are not receiving any kind of government assistance. (including food stamps, cash assistance, housing, and insurance benefits)
  • Surrogate and partner (when applicable) must agree to psychological testing
  • You and your partner (when applicable) are able to pass our though criminal background check which includes sexual offender registry
  • Be willing to take medications via injection, pill, patches (instructed by RE)
  • Not smoke (stopped for a minimum of 2 year) or take illegal drugs, or be exposed to second hand smoke
  • Be willing to refrain from alcohol throughout the medical process and pregnancy
  • Be willing to be medically tested for STD’s and drugs
  • Not have any psychiatric illness or take medications for depression or anxiety
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation to travel to Dr’s appointments
  • Must be financially sound
How Does a Surrogate Mother get Pregnant

Why Creative Love?

Because we:
  • Are a community of strong, accepting women here to lift you up and walk with you every step of the way.
  • Act as a bridge between you and your Intended Parent.
  • Book medical clinic appointments & help organize your legal council in some situations this is a requirement).
  • Act as a bridge between you and your intended Parent.
  • Mentor you through the difficult process of choosing your intended Parent (we provide the options, but you get to make the final decision).

Interested in Becoming a Surrogate in Miami Beach?

If you are looking for a surrogacy agency to support you throughout your surrogacy journey, whether as an intended parent or a surrogate in Miami Beach, Creative Love is here for you. Regardless of race, sexual orientation or religious background, Creative Love provides the highest level of professionalism and understanding throughout the journey. If you would like more information regarding our surrogacy program, or if you would like to speak with one of our professionals, we welcome you to call us at 954-776-9878. We look forward to speaking with you!

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate mother, we welcome you to begin the process by filling out our surrogacy application.