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Maintaining Hope and Positivity in Your Egg Donor Cycle - Surrogacy and Egg Donor Services

Staying Hopeful and Positive During Your Egg Donor Cycle

The road of infertility can be bumpy for some. My journey hit many bumps, but somehow I still was able to remain hopeful. I speak to many intended parents throughout any given week. I take the time to get to know everyone as much as possible on a personal level. I want someone that is giving up their own genetics to feel hopeful and positive as they enter into a egg donor cycle.

With egg donation and modern science along with the technology available I’ve witnessed many couples and individuals go onto to fulfilling their dreams of parenthood via egg donation. I do believe that, “parenthood is a gift, it’s magical”. To achieve this you have to remain hopeful and positive. Creative Love has worked with many of the top fertility clinics in the country. The success rate in relationship to egg donation on average is anywhere from 60% to 80% live birth per embryo transfer. I know to some this sounds great. It’s sound positive. However, how do I remain positive during my own egg donor cycle?

I think first it’s important to work with a clinic that you feel the most secure with. I mean secure in the sense that you feel a connection with your doctor. That your receiving the respect that you deserve. I know that many of the top fertility clinics can see upwards of 50 plus couples in a day. I feel that regardless of how large or how small the clinic that your working with is. That when you walk in that door you feel as if your home.

Next investigate the embryology lab. Check out the success rate at the clinic your interested in working with. Ask around town. Search the web for answers. Just remember that turning to donor eggs alone has now increased you chance at success that much more then with your own eggs. Right? That’s why we’re on this road because someone advised us, it’s time to consider using an egg donor”.

Now that your feeling at home with your fertility doctor and feeling secure in the embryology lab. Now it’s time for you to step back and focus on being hopeful and positive. You’ve done the hard parts. You’ve turned to donor eggs to create or expand your family. You feel the connection with your clinic and lab. You have found your ideal egg donor. Keeping your “zen” in- check and your inner being focused on the positive will lead you to a positive outcome. I promise…