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Dealing with Infertility Challenges

Struggles With Infertility

The last thing any couple wants to cope with is infertility. Some couples that struggle with infertility won’t be able to experience the excitement of calling family and friends after a positive pregnancy test or ultrasound. Couples are often silent in agony and despair hoping for the miracle of getting pregnant and having a child of their own. Just know that you are not alone; many suffer from infertility, and you may not even know.

Those dealing with infertility may experience feeling down or damaged. They also may compare themselves to others and question why they are infertile. Couples may invest time, tears and money in hopes of overcoming their infertility.  For some, infertility treatments may work, while others will be devastated. Infertility is an emotional roller coaster with feelings of anger, frustration, disappointment, heartbreak, anxiety and everything else in between.

In fact, conversations about having children are avoided since many do not want to talk about their experience with infertility. Many prefer to say that they don’t want a family instead of admitting they are having difficulties conceiving.  Also, friends or family who experience pregnancy can bring those dealing with infertility into depression.  Everyday events, such as going to a baby shower or walking by a baby in a stroller can be stressful.

In our society, infertility is not talked about openly, and for that reason, many people suffer in silence. Infertility can disconnect you from your partner, family, and friends who can often be the ones that can provide the support that you need. We are always here to offer other solutions for anyone struggling with infertility.