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Surrogate Mother Pay in Jacksonville Florida

Have you ever done anything you really wanted to do, then discovered that you can actually get paid to do it? That’s what mothers in Jacksonville discover when they decide to become surrogate mothers.

A surrogate mother is a woman who gestates a baby for another woman who, for whatever reason, cannot become pregnant. The surrogate is already a mother before becoming a surrogate, because we don’t work with women who have never before had a successful and enjoyable pregnancy. Sorry, no first-time moms.

Surrogate mothers are in it because they love the feeling of being pregnant and they love the idea of helping another couple share in the joy she knows to be motherhood.

But surrogates also get paid to do this!

Before you start planning for your retirement, let’s be clear about the payment. This is not about auctioning off women’s bodies to the highest bidder. After all, this is Jacksonville in the USA and this is the 21st century.

Surrogacy is about paying for services rendered and about offsetting costs that a surrogate mother incurs.

Here is what a surrogate mother can expect to be paid in Jacksonville, Florida:

First time surrogates get paid a flat $25,000 fee for their service. Experienced surrogates are paid a flat $30,000 fee, sometimes more, for their services. Exact amounts might differ, depending on the financial arrangement made with the intended parents and the legal contract drawn up.

There are a couple other standard fees.  For instance, there is a post-delivery fee of $800, which is not insignificant. There is also a transfer fee of $500. There is another $500 payable at the start of your Lupron medication. Those standard fees are part of any typical surrogacy agreement in Jacksonville, Florida. They might not apply elsewhere in the country, but in Jacksonville and elsewhere in Florida they do.

There are also some allowances to cover expenses of being pregnant.  One that has probably already come to mind is the cost of maternity clothes. That allowance is $800, and it is payable at 12 weeks.

There is also an incidentals allowance of $200 per month.  This is payable for 12 months, and it covers such things as mileage, phone calls, vitamins, childcare for appointments and other out-of-pocket expenses for the pregnancy.

If you are on doctor-ordered bed-rest, lost wages will also be recouped for you.  Similarly, if your spouse has to take time off work to attend appointments with you, lost wages will be reimbursed.

You will also be paid for your breast milk.

And there are some other situations that might call for additional payments, such as:

  • Twins (which earns you an extra $4,000).
  • C-section (which earns you an extra $3,000)
  • Selective reduction (which earns you an extra $1,000)
  • Invasive procedure (which earns you an extra $1,000)
  • Loss of reproductive organ (varies)
  • Drop cycle (which earns you an extra $350)
  • Termination for medical reasons (which earns you an extra $1,000)

Keep in mind that during this time, all medical expenses are covered, including all medication and all medical insurance. So you will have somewhat fewer costs, while surrogate mother pay in Jacksonville makes a nice nest egg for your kids’ education or to expand your home to make space for a growing family.